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Virtual reality shopping comes to eBay Australia

12,500 products are now available to view and purchase at the online marketplace’s Australian department store, Myer.

Australian consumers can now head to the Myer department store through eBay in order to be able to enjoy a virtual reality shopping experience that has been created by the massive online marketplace.

In order to be able to take part in this VR experience, shoppers will need to wear Shopticals.

The Shopticals are special virtual reality shopping goggles, which are essentially an altered version of the cardboard viewer from Google. Over 100 products are already viewable in 3D, but the VR technology will take things to an entirely different level. In order to make sure that Australians are properly equipped to go shopping within the virtual reality environment, eBay is giving away 1,000 of the Shopticals every day until 20,000 have been distributed.

Consumers can also request a pair of their own Shopticals virtual reality shopping goggles online.

All consumers need to do is visit ebay.com.au/vr and they can request a pair of their own Shopticals. A spokesperson from eBay has explained that there is already an “incredible” demand for the VR goggles and the company is going to be broadening the ways in which it distributes them soon. Myer is among the most recent retail additions to the Australian eBay sellers.

That retailer was selected by eBay for its very first VR shopping launch partner due to the broad spectrum of products that Myer has to offer, said a spokesperson from eBay. She explained that “We wanted to make sure that the first time people shop in VR they can see a wide selection of brands and categories, and a department store felt like the best way to showcase breadth and depth of selection.”

In order to use the Shopticals for virtual reality shopping on Myer at eBay Australia, the consumer needs the eBay VR app, which is already available at Android and iOS. Once the headset is on, the shopper can move through the digital department store and look around at the large selection of various products that are available there.

Mobile commerce saw growth during the 2015 holiday season

Digital commerce experienced significant growth in 2015 due to holiday shopping

E-commerce saw a surge during the 2015 holiday season, with many consumers opting to do their shopping online rather than only visit physical stores. A new report from comScore shows that many consumers took to their computers and smartphones to get their holiday shopping done. Mobile commerce, in particularly, proved to be somewhat popular among consumers, as they saw shopping from their mobile devices more convenient than visiting a traditional retail store.

Mobile commerce is becoming a very powerful force in the retail space

According to the report from comScore, mobile commerce saw significant growth in 2015. The mobile commerce sector grew by 59% over what it had been in 2014, with growth being driven by the number of companies becoming involved in the mobile commerce space and consumers seeing mobile shopping as more convenient. Overall, digital commerce reached $69.08 billion between November 1 and December 31 last year. While this falls below what comScore had predicted last year, this still represents a significant degree of success for the e-commerce space as a whole.

Consumers are beginning to favor the convenience of mobile shopping

Holiday Season - Mobile Commerce GrowthNotably, mobile commerce performed better than what comScore had predicted for the holiday season. Many consumers opted to shop for and purchase products that they were interested in with their smartphones and tablets. Retailers had prepared to engage mobile consumers throughout 2015 and found that their efforts had been successful. Due to the success of mobile commerce, retailers are likely to participate more in the mobile space in order to create a more dynamic connection with customers.

Cyber Monday proves to be the most successful day for online shopping

According to comScore, the single largest online shopping day of 2015 was Cyber Monday, which was November 30. During that single day, some $2.3 billion in online sales were reported throughout the retail sector. Companies like Amazon and eBay found the most success in the online retail space, but traditional retailers have also begun to embrace the digital world, create a degree of competition and providing consumers with more options when it comes to e-commerce.