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eBay launches new service that could promote mobile commerce

Company launched Promoted Listings service

E-commerce giant eBay has launched the beta version of its Promoted Listings service. The service is designed to serve as a self-serve, cost-per-sale advertising product. Using the service, merchants can engage consumers more effectively through mobile commerce. The service is currently only available for a small number of eBay merchants, as the company is testing the capabilities of the new service. Promoted Listings is expected to have a wider launch in June of this year.

Service will provide merchants with a way to engage mobile consumers more effectively

Promoted Listings will present desktop and mobile searchers that are optimized on the search habits of those using eBay as well as their purchasing habits. This may be particularly effective among mobile consumers. Merchants have been looking for a way to embrace mobile commerce, which has become quite popular among consumers. eBay believes that the mobile space has a great deal of promise, and has been devising new methods to provide effective mobile services to those using its platform.

Consumer data will allow Promoted Listings to provide targeted advertisements

eBay - Mobile CommerceThe company has access to more than 300 million shopping hours worth of data every month. This provides eBay with a significant amount of data that can be used to develop engaging marketing solutions. Using this data, the Promoted Listings service will be able to target consumers and provide them with advertisements that align with their specific interests.

Companies continue to show interest in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has become a powerful part of the retail industry. Consumers have shown a great deal of interest in purchasing products online using their mobile devices, as they can shop whenever and wherever they want to. Companies like eBay are trying to find ways to make mobile commerce more convenient for consumers and providing new services, such as Promoted Listings, is one way to accomplish this goal. This service will not only be a benefit for consumers, of course, as it will also give merchants an effective way to engage mobile consumers.

Google takes another step into the mobile commerce world

Google to introduce new feature that may appeal to mobile shoppers

Google is taking a step to better compete with others in the mobile commerce space. The company is preparing to introduce a “Buy Now” button on paid mobile search results, which would allow mobile consumers to purchase products that they are interested in. Google has become one of the most powerful mobile advertising businesses in the world and has adopted a strong interest in mobile commerce. In an effort to compete with companies like eBay and Amazon, Google continues to look for ways to encourage consumers to participate in mobile shopping.

Buy Now button will allow consumers to purchase products from mobile searchers

The Buy Now button is meant to accompany paid mobile advertisements, but will not be shown as part of non-sponsored search results. Google will not be selling products itself, as the retailers responsible for the paid advertisements will be in charge of the products. There is no information concerning which retailers have partnered with Google for the launch of the Buy Now button, but some rumors suggest that Macy’s will be among the first companies to become involved in this new initiative.

Retailers have some concerns about mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce GoogleMobile commerce has become a powerful force among retailers, and Google is interested in establishing a greater foothold in this space. The growing prominence of mobile commerce has raised some concerns among retailers. Some companies are concerned that Google will effectively become a sore of store front, which could have a negative impact on their relationship with consumers. In order to avoid this issue, Google will be ensuring that the Buy Now button will direct consumers to a retailer’s website.

Google may help retailers engage mobile shoppers more effectively

Consumers have expressed significant favor for mobile shopping due to its convenient nature and their ability to shop anywhere with a mobile device. Retailers have been relatively slow in embracing mobile commerce, but more companies are beginning to do so in order to accommodate the interests of consumers. Google may play a major role in helping these companies reach a growing mobile audience.