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Wearable technology sales to break 17 million this year

Analysts are predicting that this will be one of the top tech trends of 2014 and that it won’t stop there.

According to Canaly, the market analyst, the sales of wearable technology might be breaking the 17 million mark by the end of 2014, and that this trend will be greatly driven by strong sales in smartwatches.Wearable Technology - Sales

These pricy tiny mobile devices worn on the wrist have become surprisingly popular.

While the wearable technology market may still currently be small, the predictions form Canalys are that this will have dramatically changed as soon as the end of the year. The range of these mobile devices and the competition that is starting to build is making it easier for consumers to find just the right gadget that will appeal to them enough to drop the money for them.

Smartwatch sales forecasts will dominate the wearable technology market with a predicted 8 million sales.

According to the report that was released by Canalys, at the moment the market for these wearable mobile devices is pretty small and that it is focused primarily at fitness enthusiasts, such as in the form of bands that are worn to track heart rate or steps taken. However, the fact that even this specific market has taken off as quickly as it has shows that they “represent a massive opportunity in the medical and wellness segment”.

The report also stated that this year will be the one in which these devices “become a key consumer technology, as the smart band segment is estimated to reach 8 million annual shipments.”

The report pointed out that in the second half of 2013, there had already been 1.6 million smartwatches and fitness bands sold. This was made pushed along considerably by the release of the Sony SmartWatch 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The marketing that Samsung has put forward for its Galaxy Gear wearable technology has generated a considerable amount of exposure and interest from consumers. The shipments of those specific devices spiked the brand to the top of this category, although additional promotional activity will be needed over the next few months in order to overcome the sell-through that has been somewhat less than expected, so far. This, according to Canalys principal analyst and vice president, Chris Jones.

Mobile games are coming to wearable technology platforms

Developers show faith in wearable technology

Mobile games developers are beginning to show a great deal of interest in wearable technology. Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear have yet to attract the enthusiasm of consumers, but game developers are keen to make new products for these platforms. Glass, in particular, has managed to establish a following among consumers despite the fact that it is not yet available. Game developers have been rushing to make applications for the platform in order to take advantage of what could be the next big thing to come to the consumer electronics realm.

Wearable technology could change the mobile space

Glu Mobile, a prominent developer of mobile games, compares the potential of wearable technology to that of the iPhone when it was first launched. The iPhone received a great deal of hype before its official launch and went on to revolutionize the mobile space, especially where applications are concerned. Wearable technology may have a similar impact on the mobile space, but it is impossible to tell for certain whether or not this will be the case.

Mobile games on Glass being released in January

Mobile Games News - Wearable TechnologyMobile games for Google Glass are already scheduled for launch later this month, but Glass itself has not yet been officially released. Currently, only a few thousand developers have access to the platform. Developer units were issued in order to get developers more comfortable with the platform and understand its capabilities and limitations. Game developers have praised Glass’ use of augmented reality as well as its other features.

Some challenges may lie ahead for mobile games on wearable platforms

Mobile games and wearable technology may go hand-in-hand. These games are well liked because they can be played anywhere and at any time. Technology like Glass compliments this feature, allowing users to play mobile games whenever they like. The problem, however, resides in how a Glass user will actually control their mobile games. If voice control is the only option, mobile games may soon become more of an annoyance, especially for commuters, than a source of entertainment.