The Most Reliable Cheat Sources for Mobile Games

Mobile game cheats are some of the most sought after information on the Internet.

For many mobile gaming enthusiasts, they are indispensable go-to solutions for difficult game levels or situations. 

They address hard-to-overcome challenges. They can restore lives or restock supplies without having to fall for the monetization schemes of most mobile games.                                                    

But where do you get reliable cheats? You have to be careful in using cheats since some of them are not as beneficial as they are purported to be. You particularly have to be careful in using cheats with games that take time to build up. You might end up losing all your accumulated points and achievements. There are cheat codes that may force you back to the first level of the game. 

The following are some of the reliable sources for cheats:

Game Fansites 

It’s almost impossible for games not to have their respective fansites or community websites. Sites created to compile and present information about a particular game abound. These sites are generally reliable because of the people who use them. Many of them may not have original content but they usually feature cheats that work. If the cheats posted don’t work, there will be comments about them. 

When choosing reliable game fansites, opt for those that have the most visitors or those that are most active. Visitor activity usually denotes reliability. The more game fans there are, the more likely it is for mistakes be spotted and rectified. Of course, this means that you have to go for fansites that include comment posting facilities or forums. There should also be a way to determine user activity like website hit counters at the bottom or along the sides.. 

Facebook Pages 

Similar to fansites, Facebook pages devoted to specific games can also be great sources for cheats. Being social media based, there will be like-minded game enthusiasts who will be examining them for the veracity of the content presented. The commenting system and the interaction among game fans will be very useful to come up with cheat compilations that are safe and reliable. 

Facebook pages dedicated to specific games are very easy to find. You can search for them within Facebook or through search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If you are looking for all Candy Crush tricks and cheats, for example, it is unlikely not to find a Facebook fan page within the first two or three pages of search engine results. Also, the great thing about Facebook fan pages is the familiarity of the site. You won’t be bothered by annoying ads other than those you are already accustomed to seeing on Facebook. Mobile Games Tips and Tricks


Another useful source for mobile game cheats is YouTube. Yes, the very popular online video sharing community is also a great source for cheats. It provides an excellent way of learning about various mobile game cheats with matching videos or visuals. With YouTube, you get the benefit of illustration or demonstration coupled with a commenting system linked to a social media network, Google+. Simply do a search on YouTube for game cheats and you will, more often than not, find a good selection of useful videos. 

You will easily know if the “cheat video” is good or bad based on the ratings and viewer comments. If a video offers useful cheats, you can expect it to get good viewer ratings and comments. You may even find video replies from those who can offer better cheats or solutions. You can also ask questions and get an answer from the video owner or from other viewers. YouTube is not just for creating viral videos, after all. 

Being cautious in using cheats from various sources is always advisable. They may not be as risky as contracting malware but they can ruin your gaming. You have to ascertain that the references for mobile game cheats you are using are indeed reliable.

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