Mobile games serve as powerful marketing platforms

Firm highlights potential of mobile gaming

Mediabrix, a mobile and social gaming advertising firm, has been heralding the potential of mobile games for some time. These games have become resoundingly popular among consumers around the world and, as such, have also become very attractive advertising platforms. The marketing potential of mobile gaming has yet to be fully actualized, but Medibrix has been showing the revenue generation capability of gaming advertisements and how effective in-game ads can actually be.

In-game ads reach $200 CPM

Mediabrix has reported that its in-game advertisements are generating $200 CPM across multiple platforms, 180 times greater than that produced by traditional advertisements. CPM denotes the rate that marketers will pay to have their ads hosted on a particular platform. The higher the CPM, the more valuable the platform is to marketers. According to data provided by Mediabrix, mobile games may be one of the most valuable marketing platforms there is.

Popularity of mobile games proves successful for advertisersmobile games marketing

The value of mobile games is linked to their popularity among consumers. These games are both easy to obtain, as most of them are free, and easy to play. Because of their mobility, these games can be played anywhere and at any time. Moreover, consumers tend to jump from game to game relatively quickly, exposing themselves to a wide variety of games as well as the advertisements that these games host.

Fickleness of consumers may be bad for developers

Despite the apparent potential of mobile games, monetization of these games has been a difficult issue for many startups. New and independent development firms often fail in their monetization efforts because their mobile games are not able to find traction with consumers. Notably, the way consumers move from one game to another in quick succession has created a turbulent environment wherein developers have a difficult time holding the attention of a particular gamer long enough to generate any significant revenue.

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