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Walmart mobile shopping app launches in Canada

As the world’s biggest retailer discovers smartphones are a top traffic driver, it has changed directions.

The Walmart mobile shopping app is rolling out in Canada where smartphone users are a prime driver of traffic. The retailer’s new application provides shoppers with a spectrum of different features including a favorites list.

The beta tests were critical to the development of this app, which started off quite complicated.

According to Walmart Canada executive vice president of technology and ecommerce, Rick Neuman, the application was greatly simplified. At first it was overly complicated, but Neuman said the experience has been sculpted into something much more appealing. To him, the favorites list was his preferred feature on the Walmart mobile shopping app.

Walmart Mobile Shopping App - Walmart Store in Canada“The other day I made a favourites list, handed it to my wife and she was able to get a $120 basket together in four minutes for a great camping weekend with my girls,” he stated.

The Walmart mobile shopping app was created through a Razorfish Canada collaboration.

This mobile commerce app was developed specifically for the Canadian market. It was based on a survey conducted across that country. The survey sought to determine what people wanted most from Walmart. This was followed by beta testing by customers the retailer hand-picked for the purpose. Later, the retailer’s employee base were able to take part in testing the final version.

The release of this m-commerce application is a direct reflection of the growing importance of the role of mobile in Walmart shopping. June 2016 represented the first time more traffic came from smartphones and tablets than from desktops and laptops.

“That’s a huge shift for us,” said Neuman. He pointed out that the company is seeing “massive potential.”

Walmart currently boasts more than 400 store locations across the nation. This is especially significant as the Canadian marketplace has always been a challenging one for department store retailers. The majority of sales still occur at bricks-and-mortar stores. However, the company has acknowledged that offering digital solutions is an integral component of doing business in the current ecosystem. The launch of the Walmart mobile shopping app is a major move for the company within that environment.

Walmart looks to mobile shopping for a Black Friday advantage

The retailer’s event will start early, at 6:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day, and will target smartphone users.

Walmart is hoping to get the very most out of the mobile shopping trend this holiday season by starting its event earlier and ensuring that consumers who are interested in buying gifts over their smartphones will find it very convenient to do so.

The retail giant plans to add thousands of deals to its mobile app and official website on Thanksgiving evening.

Walmart has predicted that mobile shopping activities will make up about 75 percent of the holiday traffic that it sees online, this year. For this reason, it has now made it possible for its mobile app to be used to discover products and make purchases in as few clicks as possible. They are even hoping that some consumers will be willing to make their smartphone based purchases directly through some of their strategically placed ads.

The mobile shopping app has also had a number of improvements made in order to better the in-store experience.

Walmart Mobile ShoppingFor instance, the mobile app has been designed to make it possible for shoppers to be able to browse a map of the store in which they are currently standing, in order to be able to discover where the Black Friday sales are situated in relation to their current physical location. The hope is that this will help to reduce some of the confusion that consumers face in trying to navigate the stores to find the sales, particularly on the busiest shopping days of the year.

Moreover, the mobile app will also make it possible for users to read reviews of the products they are seeing in front of them, through the use of their smartphones. Reviews have become an important part of the decision making process for many shoppers, so having them handy while in store could be a considerable advantage.

The mobile shopping app will also provide individuals with the ability to add products to a wish list that they can create and then share with other people. Walmart is also hoping to make it easy for consumers to check in once they’ve arrived so they can pick up what they’ve ordered in advance. The check in notifies employees at the location that the consumer has arrived, allowing them to have the order ready for the completion of the transaction.