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Zynga shifts focus to mobile games

zynga mobile gamesZynga sees a future in mobile games

Zynga, the once-titan of social and mobile games, has been suffering from recent internal turmoil and consumer fallout. Last year, the company saw the exodus of several executives and the shockingly poor performance of its latest games. This poor performance came with feedback from consumers that suggested that the company was blatantly copying other popular games in order to attract more players. Zynga has survived several episodes of shedding employees over the past year and has managed to refocus itself on mobile games, hoping to reclaim its throne in the industry.

Tablets may be Zynga’s ideal platform

Zynga made its name with social games through its tight partnership with Facebook. In 2012, that partnership dissolved. Since then, Zynga has been working to take a new approach to its games in order to win favor with consumers once again. The company has set its sights on mobile games, noting the rising popularity of mobile devices and the willingness of mobile consumers to play such games. Zynga President Steve Chiang believes that tablets, in particular, is where Zynga will reclaim its success.

Tablets considered to be ultimate game platform for Steve Chiang

Zynga suggests that tablets are the ultimate game platform. Tablets are typically equipped with better hardware than smartphones, allowing for better performance in mobile games. Larger, more responsive screens also mean more detail in these games and better controls. Chiang suggests that FarmVille 2, the second rendition of the game that made Zynga a phenomenon, offers a better experience on a tablet device. The game, as well as other titles from Zynga, will make its way to tablet devices as Zynga focuses more on the mobile space.

Mobile games expected to become flagship brand for Zynga

Mobile games currently account for 30% of Zynga’s revenue. Much of the company’s resources are still devoted to social games, as many of its titles are still very popular on social networks like Facebook. By the end of 2013, however, mobile games are expected to become the prominent focus for the company and will begin to overshadow the social games that the developer has been created for several years.

Mobile games from GREE coming to the US

Mobile Games GREEGREE sets sights on US market for new mobile games

Japanese mobile games giant GREE has managed to conquer much of the gaming market in Asia. The company is behind some of the most popular mobile games that can be found in that region of the world, and has a very strong presence in social gaming as well. While GREE has seen a massive amount of success, the company is beginning to look toward expansion, and believes that the U.S. market is ripe for the taking.

GREE continues aggressive expansion efforts

GREE currently has a modest presence in the U.S. mobile games realm, but that is not stopping it from taking aggressive steps to bolster this presence. GREE has been acquiring several game development studios in the U.S., such as Funzio, recently in the effort to prepare for the launch of new mobile games. The company has also been increasing its staff. GREE International had a staff of only 12 people in 2011, and now boasts of a workforce 400 strong. With progress being seen throughout the companies numerous sectors, GREE is beginning to mobilize for its entry into foreign markets.

Tablets will be a strong focus for the company

GREE has a particular interest in tablets for its mobile games. The company notes that tablets are becoming more popular among consumers because of their enhanced capabilities over smart phones and other mobile devices. Larger screens offer higher fidelity images, while strong processors and GPUs allow gamers to experience games with higher quality animations and performance. GREE has ambitious for releasing collectible-style card games for these devices and will focus heavily on this genre for its entry into the U.S. market.

Mobile games continue to prove popular

Mobile games have become a lucrative and popular market for the game industry. Developers throughout the industry has found significant success through their focus on mobile games, adding further momentum to the performance of the market. Consumers have shown that they are willing to play mobile games of all types, and many are open to new experiences that are either absent in the current market or somewhat underrepresented.