Roblox Studio Mobile GamingRoblox Studio takes aim at the mobile sector

Roblox Studio, a small game developer, has garnered a significant amount of attention and success through its kid-friendly online game called Roblox. The game allows players to create their own content in the same vein as Minecraft, though with more advanced visuals. Roblox Studio has recently launched a free, mobile version of its game that can be played on the iOS platform. Roblox Studio believes that mobile gaming is taking off in a very significant way, especially among a young audience, which is the developer’s primary demographic.

Game garners acclaim for cross-platform capabilities

Roblox offers a wide variety of online gaming elements, such as community interaction and a thriving virtual economy, as well as intensely creative elements. The game has been praised for its ability to provide players with a wide range of tools to bring their ideas to life. One of the most acclaimed features of the game is the fact that players are playing with people on other platforms, such as Macs, PCs, and now mobile devices.

Tablet proves more friendly for mobile gamers

Transitioning into the mobile gaming space has been relatively easy for Roblox Studio. The vast majority of the code used for Roblox can be used in a mobile application, so developers only had to worry about optimizing the game for play on a mobile device, such as the iPad or iPhone. Roblox Studio found that tablet devices are more accommodating to the features of the game as the platform allows for more control.

Roblox Studio expected to find success in the mobile space

Roblox Studio is one of several development companies that has adopted a strong interest in the mobile gaming space. Several of these developers have found significant success in engaging mobile consumers with gaming applications. The Roblox mobile game has already garnered a strong following, and the game is expected to continue attracting young gamers well into the future. Roblox Studio has managed to avoid some of the controversy that has surrounded the mobile gaming space in regards to the privacy of young gamers.