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Share the Frappuccino love with the Starbucks emoji keyboard

The new Starbucks emoji-themed keyboard app lets you send more than a smile.

When it comes to adopting mobile technology trends, Starbucks has shown time and again that it’s a leader in this field, having released apps and being one of the first to jump on board the mobile payments bandwagon, among other advancements. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that one of America’s favorite coffeehouse chains has released its very own Starbucks emoji keyboard, which lets users digitally express themselves with Frappauccinos, cake pops, iced coffee and their other favorite Starbucks products.

The app is free for iOS and Android.

The keyboard app is available free for both iOS and Android mobile devices and features a custom keyboard option decked out in the company’s colors and font as well as two pages of Starbucks-inspired emojis. The emoji library includes everything from drinks and treats to the logo and emoji people holding Starbucks products.

Starbucks emoji keyboard - Image of Starbucks CoffeehouseTo enjoy this fun new application on iPhone, users need to install it and add it to the active keyboard list under settings. They need to allow the app full access so it can be used throughout the phone. The app is activated using the globe key on the bottom line on the standard keyboard. The emoji keyboard functions like most third-party keyboard apps and works with most major messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, and iMessage.

On the flip side, Android users will find the activation process similar to iOS. After installing the app, it can be activated under Language & Input in Settings and should be selected as the standard keyboard. Via Android, the program sends emojis as images through apps instead of placing them within messages.

Could the Starbucks emoji keyboard evolve into something more in the future?

Many consumers weren’t pleased when the company changed its rewards program and app, and some hope that the new keyboard app – although currently nothing unique or ground-breaking for Starbucks – could be the start of something special. Imagine: instead of just sending an emoji to a friend, what if users could actually order coffee via emoji?

While that’s definitely only a sweet dream and a not reality at the moment or in the near future, lovers of this app will be pleased to know that the company intends to add more content to its Starbucks emoji keyboard app throughout the year.

Mobile commerce grows as apps become more important

More consumers are beginning to rely on mobile retail apps to shop online

Consumers are beginning to use applications more frequently when doing their shopping online. A new report from Apptentive, an app marketing firm, shows that 88% of mobile users now use retail applications when shopping online. This is leading to a rise in mobile commerce activity, as consumers are beginning to favor the convenience it represents. With the holiday season coming, many people are expected to rely on their mobile devices in order to avoid large crowds at physical stores.

61% of consumers use their mobile apps to make a purchase at least once a month

According to the report from Apptentive, even consumers that prefer shopping in physical stores are using their mobile devices more frequently to find products that they are interested in. Approximately 47% of consumers plan to make at least one purchase through a mobile retail application during the upcoming holiday season. Of those that already use these apps, 61% said that they use them at least once a month.

Mobile commerce market continues to see healthy growth

Mobile Commerce - App FocusOver the past few years, mobile commerce has managed to experience explosive growth, much of which comes during the holiday season. Many retailers have begun to grow more mobile-centric, employing ways to effectively engage consumers that are relying on their smartphones and tablets. Sometimes, this comes in the form of offering mobile shoppers special deals, which has helped mobile commerce grow more attractive to consumers. Many people still do not use a mobile device to make a purchase, but they do use their devices to research products that they are interested in before visiting a store to make a purchase.

Mobile transactions are growing among retailers

Retailers are beginning to see a greater portion of their sales come from mobile commerce. Starbucks, for instance, has reported that mobile commerce now accounts for 20% of all in-store transactions, which represents more than 9 million mobile payments made every week. As mobile commerce becomes more important for consumers, companies like Starbucks are expected to place more emphasis on engaging mobile consumers in order to drive further sales.