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Mobile payments firm to expand into Canada

Square announces plans to open up new office in Canada this year

Square, one of the largest mobile payments firms in the U.S., is continuing its efforts to break into new markets by opening up a new office in Canada. The company has found significant success in the mobile space through its various partnerships, one of the most famous of which is its partnership with Starbucks. By teaming with Starbucks, Square was able to secure its position as a leader in the mobile commerce space. Now, the company is looking to expand beyond the U.S.

New office to be based in Ontario and tap into province’s tech community

Square has plans to open up a new office with more than 30 employees in Ontario, Canada, by September of this year. The company is looking to tap into Ontario’s “thriving and talented tech community” in order to establish a foothold in the Canadian mobile commerce space. The demand for effective mobile commerce solutions in Canada has been on the rise among businesses and consumers alike, and the time may be right for Square to take advantage of this growing demand.

Square helps iOS users participate in mobile commerce

Square Mobile PaymentsPart of the appeal of Square is that it makes mobile payments possible on iOS devices. These devices do not have the inherent ability to participate in mobile commerce and rely on auxiliary applications and hardware in order to do so. This has been something of a problem for iOS users that are interested in mobile commerce, but their demands are being met, to some degree, by Square’s services.

Retailers are beginning to feel the need to engage mobile consumers and Square may be able to help

Canadian retailers are becoming more conscious of the mobile space and are taking steps to engage consumers through a variety of mobile initiatives. Square will offer a new way to engage these consumers and encourage them to make payments with their mobile devices. Engaging mobile consumers will likely lead to higher sales for retailers and helping them appeal more to a demographic that is beginning to change rapidly.

Whole Foods Markets embraces mobile payments

Whole Foods Markets teams with Square to enter into mobile commerce

Whole Foods Markets has partnered with Square in order to be more accommodating of mobile commerce. The grocery retailer has taken note of a rise in the use of mobile devices among its customers and has become well aware of the mobile commerce trend. Consumers throughout the U.S. are beginning to demand new mobile commerce services and Whole Foods Markets has turned to Square in order to accommodate consumer needs. Square is currently considered one of the most successful mobile payments organizations in North America.Whole Foods Market - Mobile Payments

Square helps Starbucks find success in the mobile sector

Square has been part of some of the most successful mobile commerce initiatives in the world. Starbucks partnered with Square in order to engage mobile consumers more aggressively. In 2013, it was reported that Starbucks managed to generate more than $1 billion in revenue through mobile payments alone. These payments were handled by Square’s mobile commerce platform. Whole Foods Markets believes that it can find similar success through its own mobile commerce initiatives.

Test phase will determine consumer interest in mobile payments and the viability of expanding mobile commerce services to other stores

Whole Foods Markets will be testing its mobile payments venture in a limited number of stores initially. The pilot testing phase is meant to help the company better understand mobile commerce and help determine whether mobile commerce is something its customers would participate in. Depending on the success of the testing phase, Whole Foods Markets will expand its mobile commerce initiative to more stores throughout the U.S.

Many consumers remain concerned about mobile commerce security

Square has been working to make mobile commerce mainstream for some time. The company’s partnership with Starbucks has effectively solidified mobile commerce with many consumers throughout the U.S., but many people are still somewhat leery of mobile payments. The concern that many people have when it comes to mobile commerce has to do with the security of their financial information. Mobile commerce has become a popular target for malicious groups that seek to exploit a consumer’s financial information through hacking and other such practices.