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Smartphone sales at Huawei double in China in first half of 2015

The company has announced that despite the world’s slowdown in mobile phone sales, it is seeing tremendous growth.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. has recently announced its sales figures for the first half of 2015, and what it has revealed is that within China, it has managed to double its revenues, despite the fact that the trend for these handheld devices has been slowing.

This has managed to break away from those slowing trends that have been faced by its larger rivals.

Xiaomi Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, are both struggling with a massive slowing trend in the growth of their smartphone sales and revenues. Now, despite the fact that Huawei, the fourth largest maker of mobile phones, had failed to meet their shipment targets for a span of two solid years, it has now broken away from that direction. It has placed a considerable focus on high-margin premium models of their devices which has allowed it to boost its handset shipments by over 33 percent when compared to the same time in 2014.

This new change in the direction of Huawei smartphone sales comes nearly three years after its strategy shift.

Smartphone Sales in ChinaThis skyrocketing sales rate has arrived nearly three years after the company made the choice to drop its branding as a budget option and to step up to face some of the massive players in the industry, such as Apple and Samsung, with high-end offerings. This has aligned very effectively in the Chinese marketplace, where consumers who had previously been extremely conscious of the price of the devices are now more willing to spend additional money if they feel that they will be receiving value and quality in return.

Unlike the smartphone sales situation at Huawei, the overall smartphone shipment trend in China actually experienced a shrinking for the first time in six years. The first quarter saw sales falling during that time and the former leader of that space, Xiaomi, recorded its own first drop in its semi-annual sales figures, saying that the domestic market is coming very close to saturation. That claim closely aligns with what many sources are saying about the smartphone marketplace in China.

CEO John Chen unwavering in BlackBerry smartphone profitability goal

He believes that the enterprise security features will set these handsets apart from the competition.

CEO John Chen has revealed that he is still pursuing his goal of returning BlackBerry smartphone sales to profitability, despite the fact that the company has only just managed to escape from the brink of complete disaster.

It is Chen’s belief that the mobile security in the company’s handsets are head and shoulders over other manufacturers.

Chen explained that when it comes to mobile security, there simply isn’t any comparison to a BlackBerry smartphone He said that they offer far greater security features on enterprise devices than is available on any other manufacturer’s gadgets. The CEO also went on to state that the smartphones made by BlackBerry function as a jumping off point for the company to be able to market its other broad range of security options.

While the company can secure Android and iPhone devices, Chen says that there is nothing like a BlackBerry smartphone.

Blackberry Smartphone - Profitability GoalThe CEO explained that Android smartphones and iPhones can have their mobile security levels enhanced through BlackBerry technology, but that when it comes down to it, the highest level of protection is available through one of the company’s own handsets. This belief helps to explain why Chen has chosen to adhere to his intentions of moving forward within the device business in order to focus on other components of the mobile industry.

He also explained that the U.S. Army is continuing with “rolling out all BlackBerry,” and he added that if he should “tell them there are no more phones, I lose that account. The question is how do you make phones profitable at the volume those people represent?”

During the most recent quarterly earnings announcement, the handset maker from Windsor, Canada, revealed that it had 1.6 million devices within that span of time. Though this number is certainly only the smallest sliver of the mobile technology market as a whole (Apple’s equivalent figure was 61.2 million), it does help to show that the BlackBerry smartphone does appear to be hanging in there when compared to previous recent quarters.