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Indian mobile phone market share belonging to LG set to rise

The South Korean electronics company is expecting to double its share in the country in 2015.

LG Electronics has announced that it now expects that its mobile phone market share will double in size by the end of the year when it comes to the penetration that it has achieved within India.

This will allow the company’s share of the smartphone market to reach 10 percent by the close of the year.

According to Deepak Jasrotia, the head of LG Electronics’ India business, “Our target is to double the market share in the mobile phone segment to 10 percent from the current four to five percent.” This, following the launch of the LG G4 high end smartphone in Mumbai, last week. At that time, it also said that it has every expectation that it will be able to meet those projected targets, particularly upon examining the rapid rise of smartphone adoption within India, at the moment.

India is the only mobile phone market where smartphone shipments are expected to increase over the next few years.

Mobile Phone Market - India & LG ElectronicsThis, according to the Worldwide Quarterly mobile Phone Tracker results from the International Data Corporation (IDC). Clearly, India is an extremely important marketplace for this type of mobile technology, at the moment, as the rest of the world is expecting its smartphone shipments to level off or even reduce in their growth figures.

At the moment, it is estimated that the smartphone shipments in India will be rising to 13.29 percent by 2019. This, in comparison with the 2015 figures, which is forecasted to be 7.61 percent.

On LG’s side of things, the company believes that it will be selling more than 100,000 units of its LG G4 in India alone, this year, said Jasrotia. The launch price of that particular device is Rs. 51,000 (approx US $800). That said, the electronics manufacturer offers devices that start at a much lower rate of Rs 10,000 (about US $155), which will be an important factor in growing its mobile phone market share. Of all of the devices that LG sells in India, Jasrotia pointed out that mobile is currently making up about 10 percent of its total revenues, there.

Mobile marketing sees a record 260 percent growth in India

The fastest growing smartphone market in the world is seeing tremendous advertising increases.

According to recent data, the volume of mobile marketing is growing faster in India than anywhere else in the world, having risen by 260 percent year over year in July 2014.

Comparatively, the Asia Pacific region, which is geographically larger, saw less than half that growth.

The same data showed that the Asia Pacific region saw a respectable mobile marketing growth, but it was 70 percent, which is still considerably lower than what was experienced in India. This has caused a considerable amount of attention to be turned toward the country when it comes to advertising over smartphones. The reason that many have credited to the massive growth rate of advertising over this channel has to do with the fact that the market for this mobile device, as a whole is growing the most quickly in India.

Device users are switching from feature phones to smart phones, which is causing a mobile marketing traffic spike.

India Mobile Marketing Increases by 260 percentThe changing of the mobile devices in the hands of the public in India is leading to a transformation of the advertising marketplace. This, conclusion, and the data that lead to it, were the result of an analysis conducted by Opera Mediaworks, an ad platform based in San Mateo, California. The firm published the results of its research in a report entitled “State of Mobile Advertising”.

The report also revealed that when it comes to device tracking, the Android share of the market in India is 41.7 percent. Devices based on iOS have a tiny share of the market, with Apple devices representing only 0.4 percent. That said, it has been shown in other reports that the share of the market does not necessarily directly determine the size of the revenues that are brought in by that share.

The mobile marketing report from Opera Mediaworks indicated that both apps and social sites are at the top of the list when it comes to the types of media used for advertising to Indian consumers. This aligns with the trends that are being recorded throughout the world.