The next iPhone may be manufactured in India

Ahead of the launch of the next generation Apple smartphone, it may be headed to a new country.

The latest iPhone rumors have all been turning heads toward Asia, as it looks as though Foxconn Technologies (one of the most important strategic manufacturing and production partners companies that Apple has) may be changing the location of its mobile device production work.

Foxconn is a company that is based in Taiwan, and it reportedly sees this as a vital move to boost output.

Many predictions have shown that there will be an unprecedented growth in demand for the next iPhone, and Foxconn intends to be prepared for the production requirements that will come with that demand by moving its production to India. It believes that it will be able to achieve a notably higher output level if it works from that country as opposed to its current location.

Government officials have also stated that Foxconn is in talks to move the iPhone manufacturing to India.

iPhone could be made in IndiaAnother potential benefit of this manufacturing move is that it is believed that producing the Apple smartphones in India will make it possible for the prices to be reduced within the third largest smartphone market in the world.

India has more than 1 billion people making up its population and yet Apple is struggling to compete with the mobile devices of Samsung Electronics and other more local manufacturers, particularly because of the associated price tag. This move to India could make iPhones notably cheaper for people living in that country.

A Reuters report also pointed out that by creating an iPhone manufacturing workforce in India, it may be possible for Foxconn to control the impact that it is experiencing with regards to the massive wage inflation that is currently occurring in China. This has been causing the manufacturing opportunity in China to become a situation that has a rising amount of risk and is one that many companies are now making a strategic effort to avoid. India has been providing a considerable alternative for businesses that are seeking a similar opportunity with a lower risk associated with wage inflation.

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