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Mobile commerce security not as important as convenience for holiday shoppers

A Trustlook survey showed that consumers will ignore certain risks in exchange for easy shopping.

Mobile commerce security is an important issue this holiday season. Seventy one percent of smartphone owners plan to use their mobile devices to help them along some point of the shopping journey.

Trustlook has recently released a survey with results from which it has made its holiday predictions.

The Trustlook survey focused on smartphone users with Android phones. The goal was to accurately forecast consumer behaviors throughout the holiday shopping season this year. What they found was that 40 percent of the survey participants actually prefer shopping over smartphones. This despite the mobile commerce security concerns that have been holding back the channel’s adoption.

Mobile Commerce Security - Shopping via smartphoneAnother 18 percent of the survey participants said that their preference was to shop in-store during the holidays. The results revealed that 43 percent of smartphone users will be making over $250 in purchases over their devices. The top m-commerce apps were identified as Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

That said, shoppers haven’t taken adequate mobile commerce security steps to protect themselves.

Even though 70.35 percent of participants in the survey said they planned to make a purchase over a smartphone or tablet, they were not protecting their personal and financial data. In fact, a wide majority of people hadn’t even installed security software. Sixty four percent of survey respondents did not have a mobile security app installed on their device.

Trustlook CEO, Zllan Zhang, said “Mobile shoppers need to be more cautious than ever,” adding that “This risk isn’t going away as mobile shopping activity ramps up.”

This is an interesting finding as concerns over mobile security have been among the top cited reasons that people have held off shopping over smartphones. It appears that there is a growing group of people who are moving ahead with smartphone based shopping regardless of that potential issue.

The hope from security firms is that if consumers are willing to ignore the mobile commerce security risk, they will at least take more steps to protect themselves. There are several small steps such as security apps that can help to keep sensitive data safer.

Mobile security partnership forms between AVG and ZTE

This new deal between the two companies will add protection that will be pre-installed on smartphones and tablets.

AVG Technologies has now announced that it has entered into a global partnership with ZTE, a top telecommunications network, equipment, and mobile devices company, in order to pre-install its mobile security protection on those gadgets.

This partnership will pre-install AVG’s flagship antivirus app onto ZTE smartphones and tablets.

AVG’s mobile security app already has a massive number of users, on top of the millions who use its antivirus products to protect their PCs. This new partnership could give it the strength to keep it firmly in place among the device protection leaders around the world. The product that will be pre-installed on the ZTE devices will be AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android ™. App developers greatly covet the opportunity to have their applications pre-installed on devices, as the majority of consumers will stick with the software that came with their gadgts.

This will mean that a larger number of consumers will automatically have AVG mobile security.

Mobile Secuirty PartnershipAccording to ZTE business manager, Wang Xuemei, “For many of us, our smartphones have become the primary device that we spend most time with, but ensuring mobile security can sometimes be an afterthought.” She went on to explain that ZTE customers will now have the protection from AVG, which can “take the worry out of connecting to their favorite websites, apps, and using online services,” through their ZTE devices.

Wang Xuemei also pointed out that this was a direct reflection of the company’s dedication to protecting the devices of their customers to ensure that they will always have the best possible experience while using them.

The mobile security app will be pre-installed on the devices and will be available for free to ZTE customers for sixty days. After that point, they can downgrade their service to the AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android ™ app, which offers a core level of protection, or they can continue at the premium level with the enhanced features for a monthly subscription fee. The customer is given the opportunity to decide at the end of the free trial.