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Mobile payments platform seeks to reach 15 million users by end of year

Paym has ambitious plans for the future

Paym, a new mobile commerce platform, was recently launched in the United Kingdom and represents one of the most highly anticipated mobile services to be released in the country so far this year. The platform is backed by many of the United Kingdom’s largest financial institutions and this has allowed it to find early success where other, similar mobile commerce platforms have struggled to find traction with consumers. Paym’s ambition is to reach a significant user base by the end of the year in order to solidify its place as a leading platform in the mobile space, and it is already well on its way to achieving this goal.

Commerce platform already boasts of more than 7 million registered users

The service currently boasts of some 500,000 registered users through the nine banks that have partnered with Paym. These banks boast of a large pool of customers that are already making payments through Paym. The platform is specifically designed as a person-to-person payments service and has managed to acquire strong support from consumers as such. The Paym service is integrated into the mobile applications that are associated with its partnered banks and other organizations.

Platform manages to find favor with consumers despite crowded market

Mobile payments platform seeks to reach millions of usersThe platform has received an overwhelming positive response from consumers in the short time after its release. This has provided the platform with the momentum it needs to compete against other services that exist in the mobile commerce sector. Both PayPal and Google have managed to establish a formidable presence when it comes to mobile payments, but these two companies are far from being considered the default mobile commerce service providers among consumers. Indeed, many people are happy to make use of a wide variety of mobile commerce services, moving from one service to the next as they see fit.

Small firms fight for the attention of consumers

As mobile shopping continues to grow in popularity in the United Kingdom, it is likely that the market will continue to be flooded with new and ambitious mobile services. These services will compete with one another and likely die out due to a lack of exposure. Large organizations, such as PayPal, are able to avoid much of this competition because of their built-in user base, but smaller organizations will have to fight hard for the attention of consumers.

Promising new mobile commerce service officially launched in the UK

Paym has been officially launched this week

One of the United Kingdom’s most anticipated mobile commerce applications has been officially released this week. The Paym platform has reached more than 360,000 registered users as of Tuesday morning, making it one of the most quickly adopted mobile payment services in the country. One of the reasons behind Paym’s early popularity has to do with the fact that it is backed by some of the country’s largest financial institutions, all of whom have serious interests in mobile commerce.

The UK has become a very attractive mobile market

The United Kingdom has become a very active market for everything mobile. Consumers throughout the country are becoming more mobile-centric, opting to use their smartphones and tablets for a wide variety of activities. As such, commerce has begun to evolve in the United Kingdom, with retailers and other businesses adapting to the changing times and working to engage mobile consumers more effectively. The country’s financial institutions are particularly interested in the mobile space because of emerging trends in consumer behavior.

Paym has the backing of many of the country’s largest banks

Mobile Commerce Service UK Paym is backed by Lloyd’s, Barclays, HSBC, and several other large banks that have an interest in the mobile space. The service allows consumers to make payments from their bank accounts using nothing more than a phone number. Paym won early praise before its launch because of its efficient nature and security features. The platform has managed to acquire a significant level of momentum ahead of its launch and this momentum may help Paym find success among consumers interested in mobile commerce.

Paym expected to process more than $1 billion in payments by 2018

According to the Payments Council, which was responsible for the launch of Paym, the new platform is expected to process more than $1 billion in mobile payments by the end of 2018. The platform is expected to see more use as more bank customers become aware of its existence. The banks supporting Paym will continue promoting the service to their customers in the hopes of making the platform the premier mobile commerce service in the United Kingdom.