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Mobile devices to enhance fleets throughout 2014

This low cost technology can help to improve efficiency overall, including both smartphones and tablets.

The managing director of TBS Enterprise Mobility, Steve Reynolds, has been making technology news with his announcement that mobile devices will “transform fleets in 2014,” as they are employed to help to boost efficiencies further than they already are.Mobile Devices and 2014

This makes it looks as though smartphones and tablets are on their way in to fleet management in an important way.

Reynolds has explained that as the costs of these mobile devices drop, but their durability rises, this trend will “drive a shift in the industry from paper-based to automated processes.” The most recent data available has indicated that in the United Kingdom, about 61 percent of the adult population is currently a smartphone owner, and that this number is rising. This also suggests that the majority of the workforce is becoming increasingly familiar and comfortable with the use of smartphones and tablets.

This makes 2014 the easiest time in history for deploying mobile devices and enterprise apps.

According to Reynolds, “More and more, blue collar and task-oriented staff are coming to expect to carry out their work supported by user-friendly consumer devices.” In this same vein, smartphones and tablets are expected to take on a growing role when it comes to processes that take place in the field. Their low price point makes this mobile development a practical and realistic opportunity for businesses of this nature.

This year, it is already expected that the global sales of these gadgets will reach the 1.7 billion mark. Reynolds has predicted that with the combination of all of these factors, there will be a notable spike in the adoption of smartphones and tablets by businesses, this year, “transforming fleet management.”

Mobile app development companies will also be interested to note that it isn’t just the hardware that will be increasingly embraced by fleets. Cost cutting through improved efficiencies could also be improved through applications and gamification. That said, as there are already approximately two million downloadable apps across all operating systems at the moment, this could mean that the competition will be fierce in this new category.

Evaluating The Creative Aspects In Choosing A Mobile Development Service

Mobile apps development presents encouraging market outreach opportunities to companies

Many services became millionaires overnight via developing highly addictive mobile apps games. Companies can benefit immensely by providing a unique user experience to its target audience. Besides, the data analytics advantage of apps usage data is crucial in developing effective business policies.Mobile Development - Apps

There are several considerations in selecting a suitable service for the purpose. Overall, you need to verify the creative expertise of the coders to develop an engaging user experience. Mobiles are essentially highly personal gadgets. The app must be able to connect personally with the target demographic.

The choice of platform

The platform conflict between iOS, Windows, and Android is the primary critical issue in choosing a mobile development agency. Since iOS and Android are fiercely competitive, it is difficult to develop cross platform apps. For many webmasters, the choice of app platform is automaticalIy the same one he/she is comfortable using. If you still require an app to perform on both leading mobile operating systems, look up an advanced programming service. Check the following aspects:

  • Highly automated form-dependent development
  • The drag-n-drop programming protocol
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) with WYSIWYG
  • Usage of automated code translators

You may choose your app platform irrespective of your personal usage preference. Essentially, you need to research the mobile usage pattern of your target audience. Discuss with the developers on whether they can employ advanced analytic parameters at identifying definitive target outreach traits. If your audience is more available over Android than on iOS, the choice of the platform is obvious. The company should be able to assist you on researching the mobile usage stats. However, in whichever platform you select, the experienced developers should be able to deliver an engaging user experience.

Ensuring optimum performance features

You have to ensure the maximum performance capacity of the apps. The choice of the mobile development platform is crucial. The mobile development service must be able to guarantee the following aspects.

  • Effective server end management of back-end data
  • Capabilities of network identification
  • Secure on-device storage arrangements
  • Extensive mobile friendly coding (confirm the experience of the coder in the preferred platform)
  • Strong testing and analytics features
  • Neat data-transfer protocols

Innovative with the latest trends

Digital coding is essentially an open discipline. Programmers have been working with different coding approaches in delivering optimized user experience. The key target of developing a mobile app is to create a neat one with minimum coding. The loading time and fluency of activity are two essential foundations in determining apps popularity. Usage of neat codes is essential to have light applications. Find whether the service frequently engages in brainstorming sessions to upgrade the approaches. The company must be in touch with the latest developments in the field. There are virtually millions of apps. You must be able to present an intriguing user experience via the creative coding approach.   

Confirm security concerns

The recent spate of revelations in the NSA surveillance systems indicate that the Government spying agency looks into the apps even to collect and archive user data. This proves the vulnerability of the apps from external hacking attacks. You need to confirm whether the service is in track with the latest developments in the field. Verify the authentication framework of the mobile development service. Call up the company in discussing your concerns. Check the various aspects of ensuring digital security.

Look up the parameters of on-device encryption, secured client/server communication, administrative control access, and offline authentication. Ensuring the security parameters is essential in relating with the confidence of your target demographic. In specialized business apps, the confidentiality aspect is of utmost importance.

Author Bio: Gabriel Stevens is a veteran Android apps developer at http://bigdropinc.com/. He is one of the brains behind a top performance fantasy games app. He keeps track of the latest traits in mobile development technology. Stevens currently works as the lead coder in a major Brooklyn service.