Mobile devices to enhance fleets throughout 2014

This low cost technology can help to improve efficiency overall, including both smartphones and tablets.

The managing director of TBS Enterprise Mobility, Steve Reynolds, has been making technology news with his announcement that mobile devices will “transform fleets in 2014,” as they are employed to help to boost efficiencies further than they already are.Mobile Devices and 2014

This makes it looks as though smartphones and tablets are on their way in to fleet management in an important way.

Reynolds has explained that as the costs of these mobile devices drop, but their durability rises, this trend will “drive a shift in the industry from paper-based to automated processes.” The most recent data available has indicated that in the United Kingdom, about 61 percent of the adult population is currently a smartphone owner, and that this number is rising. This also suggests that the majority of the workforce is becoming increasingly familiar and comfortable with the use of smartphones and tablets.

This makes 2014 the easiest time in history for deploying mobile devices and enterprise apps.

According to Reynolds, “More and more, blue collar and task-oriented staff are coming to expect to carry out their work supported by user-friendly consumer devices.” In this same vein, smartphones and tablets are expected to take on a growing role when it comes to processes that take place in the field. Their low price point makes this mobile development a practical and realistic opportunity for businesses of this nature.

This year, it is already expected that the global sales of these gadgets will reach the 1.7 billion mark. Reynolds has predicted that with the combination of all of these factors, there will be a notable spike in the adoption of smartphones and tablets by businesses, this year, “transforming fleet management.”

Mobile app development companies will also be interested to note that it isn’t just the hardware that will be increasingly embraced by fleets. Cost cutting through improved efficiencies could also be improved through applications and gamification. That said, as there are already approximately two million downloadable apps across all operating systems at the moment, this could mean that the competition will be fierce in this new category.

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