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Line to expand into mobile payments

Japanese app developer is beginning to expand its services into mobile commerce

Developers of mobile messaging applications are beginning to push into the mobile commerce space. These apps have won popularity for allowing people to message one another for free, but soon people may be using the apps to pay for goods and services and money transfers. Line is the latest app developer to show interest in the mobile payments space and the company is beginning to develop its own payment platform.

Company has major plans for the future after delaying its initial public offering

Line had plans to launch an initial public offer this year, but these plans have been delayed due to the company’s interests in expanding its services. The Japanese company has plans to develop a ride-share application that is similar to Uber, allowing people to purchase rides from private drivers that are associated with the company. Line is also developing an in-door map service and a food delivery service. The company is also branching into the online music streaming sector, offering mobile consumers a way to listen to music through an app.

Line Pay will allow users to pay for goods and services and transfer money to friends and family

Company extending into mobile paymentsThe company is showing particular interest in mobile payments, however, due to the massive revenue potential that the field of digital commerce represents. The Line Pay app, as it is called, will allow users to make payments at convenience stores by linking the app to their bank accounts or credit cards. The app can also be used for money transfers to friends and family. It will also allow users to split restaurant bills easily.

Line will face strong competition in the mobile commerce space

Line will face major competition in the mobile commerce space. The market is currently crowded with a vast number of payment startups that are looking to take advantage of the growing interest consumers have in mobile shopping and payments. Companies like Tencent and Alibaba currently hold a commanding presence in the Asian mobile commerce space, and Line will have to battle these two companies for the favor of consumers.

Messaging apps may revolutionize mobile commerce

Future of mobile shopping and payments may lie with messaging apps

Mobile messaging applications may be the future of mobile commerce. A growing number of these apps are being released and many of them are being designed with mobile payments in mind. In some cases, these apps are meant to make mobile shopping more social, allowing users to share their purchases with those they have on their contact lists. Most of these apps simply aim to satisfy the demand coming from consumers who want their applications to do more than one simple task, such as messaging.

Line is set to break into the Taiwanese market with the help of Uitox

A new messaging application from Japan is set to take mobile commerce to a new level in Taiwan. The app is called Line and it’s developer of the same name has partnered with Uitox, an e-commerce organization, to bring Line into the Taiwanese market. Uitox is set to launch a mobile payments pilot program on June 10 that will highlight the use of Line. Numerous brands are already slated to participate in the campaign, and Line will even sell its own branded merchandise through the pilot project.

Line boasts of 420 million registered users globally

Mobile Commerce - Mobile messaging Line currently boasts of more than 420 million registered users throughout the world. The application has managed to acquire a great deal of support through its focus on flash sales. Last year, Line started introducing its own brand of flash sales to Thailand, where it found promising success. Taiwan will be the second country in which Line introduces its flash sales.

Line will have to continue competing with more popular mobile commerce platforms in order to find higher levels of success

While Line has managed to generate a great deal of success, it will still need to compete with other applications that are forming a powerful position in the mobile commerce field. WeChat is currently one of the largest messaging applications that has successfully established itself as a mobile payments platform as well. Newly released applications also offer some competition as consumers are often on the lookout for new services that could offer refreshing experiences.