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Intent in mobile marketing more important than demographics, says Google

This insight was provided in a blog post by the tech giant, which was clearly a shot at Facebook’s advertising strategies.

When it comes to mobile marketing, the biggest players have made serious efforts to try to grasp at the top spot and keep it and Google has now released a blog post that reveals some of its latest efforts to create the most appeal for its offerings.

Facebook has a natural advantage when it comes to mobile advertising to specific targeted demographics.

That said, Google has been underscoring its own consumer intent data when it comes to searches in order to provide companies with what it calls better data for mobile marketing to targeted consumers. It has stated that this is particularly helpful in the mobile advertising sphere, though it is beneficial to all online marketing. It supported its perspective by saying that demographic data develops a form of pre-conceived form of targeting for advertising campaigns.

Google gave examples of how that style could end up skewing mobile marketing results.

Mobile Marketing ImportanceFor instance, it said that among sporting goods searchers over the last half year, 56 percent are female. Equally, 45 percent of home improvement searchers are also female. On the other hand, 68 percent of influencers in the skin and body care sector are male.

The blog post stated that “Intent beats identity. Immediacy trumps loyalty. When someone has a want or need, they turn to their smartphone for help,” adding that “When a need arises, people turn to search and YouTube to look for answers, discover new things, and make decisions. We call these intent-filled moments, micro-moments.”

For this reason, the blog post explained that mobile marketing firms have the best opportunity to reach people if they’re there during that specific moment that an individual is actually seeking to learn about a subject. Understanding the intent of consumers and providing content that meets those needs, said Google, was at the heart of being able to convince them to take action such as subscribing or making a purchase. Therefore, Google said that while designing targeted campaigns, regardless of the channel, intent should play the primary role over demographics and first-party data.

Will Google and Facebook’s biggest mobile ad competition come from India?

InMobi, the global advertising giant, is working on giving the Silicon Valley companies a run for their money.

Eight years ago, InMobi was founded as an advertising company, which has since placed a considerable focus on the mobile ad ecosystem and has grown into the third largest player in an extremely intense sector of the marketing industry.

At the moment, only Google and Facebook are ahead of InMobi when it comes to the mobile ad space.

The company was first started by three graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, a prestigious postsecondary education institution. It is located in Bangalore, India and has managed to take off at a rate that has been explosive enough to pass everyone along the way except Google and Facebook. According to the chief executive of mobile advertising at InMobi, Naveen Tewari, “I am a very proud Indian and I want to see our country succeed.”

Among the goals of the founders of the company was to become major mobile ad players from within India.

Mobile Ad - Google, Facebook, IndiaTewari stated that “I thought if I could do something from here that can be successful, maybe I’ll have a small role in creating great companies out of India that can compete with the iconic companies in Silicon Valley.”

Today, there are 24 different InMobi offices located in 17 countries around the world. It is the employer of over 900 people. In 2014, it was behind the posting of approximately 720 mobile advertisements on the smartphones of over one billion mobile device users. The goal of the company is to deliver mobile ads to 2.5 billion people per day. It aims to achieve this goal within the next few years.

Much of the growth of this mobile advertising company has been credited to the massive penetration of smartphones and tablets worldwide. Enders Analysis director of digital media, Ian Maude, pointed out that “InMobi creates audience networks for advertisers to reach through mobile devices.”

Therefore, companies and brands hire app makers and other forms of digital publishers in order to be able to use proper mobile ad strategies to connect with their audiences over their handsets.