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Mobile commerce proves successful for Amazon

Amazon reports a very active mobile shopping season this year

Amazon has seen a significant increase in mobile shopping over the holiday season. The online retailer has released information that shows that nearly 60% of those shopping on the day after Christmas were doing so from mobile devices. Mobile traffic to the retailer’s website also shot up, showing that more people are using their smartphones and tablets to look for products they may be interested in online rather than at physical stores.

Consumers are flocking to online stores to take advantage of convenient shopping

According to information released by Amazon, holiday sales through its mobile shopping application doubled in the United States this year. Cyber Monday remains the retailer’s most active mobile shopping day of the year, but sales grew more quickly on Black Friday than any other day. Those shopping on Amazon showed particular favor for electronics, such as the company’s Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV itself. Amazon’s own mobile devices also sold well during the holiday season.

Consumers show favor for the convenience of shopping online with their mobile devices

Amazon - mobile commerceMany consumers have opted to shop online from a mobile device in order to avoid large crowds at stores. The holiday season is somewhat notorious for being a chaotic time in retailer stores, where many people try to find the best deals that are being offered by retailers. Mobile commerce is often cited as a more convenient way for consumers to shop for and purchase products they are interested in. Companies like Amazon and eBay have been investing heavily in the mobile space in order to make it easier for consumers to shop online from a mobile device.

Some retailers are unconvinced of the value of mobile commerce

Over the past two years, the holiday season has proven that mobile commerce is more than just a passing trend among consumers. A growing number of retailers are beginning to show more interest in the mobile space in order to connect with a new generation of consumers. Some retailers are still unconvinced that mobile commerce is a worthwhile investment, however, which may mean that they could be losing out on significant opportunities in the future.

IBM report shows that mobile commerce has been a success this year

New report shows that holiday shopping weekend was a great time for mobile commerce

IBM has released its latest Digital Analytics Benchmark report, which highlights the performance of mobile commerce over the holiday shopping weekend. From Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, consumers flocked to mobile shopping sites looking for special deals on products that they are interested in. They made use of the mobile services that retail offered during the shopping weekend. This lead to a surge in mobile payments and online shopping in general, according to IBM.

Mobile sales increased by 27.2% this year during the shopping weekend

The report shows that online sales during the holiday shopping weekend increased by 12.6% over what they had been during the same period last year. Mobile sales grew by 27.2%, suggesting that more people opted to spend money through their mobile devices rather than visit physical stores. Some retail stores support mobile payments as well, which some consumers chose to make use of while shopping. The majority of mobile consumers appear to favor shopping online from their mobile device rather than making a payment at a physical store.

Tablet users spent more money online than smartphone users

Mobile Commerce Report - holiday shoppingIBM’s report shows that smartphones lead the way in terms of online traffic. Approximately 28% of all online traffic to retail sites on Cyber Monday came from smartphones, while tablets accounted for 12% of all online traffic. Tablets were able to handle retail websites better than smartphones, however, with tablets accounting for 12.9% of all online sales made from a mobile device. Tablet users were more likely to spend money than smartphone users and would purchase products more frequently.

Some retailers continue to struggle with engaging mobile consumers

The holiday shopping weekend has shown that mobile commerce is a powerful force in the retail sector. Over the past few years, more retailers have been working to engage mobile consumers more effectively. Some have managed to find significant success in this endeavor, while others have failed to connect with mobile consumers, either because of poor services provided or their lack of a mobile website.