SimplyTapp raises more funding for mobile payments security solutions

Company has raised $5.9 million during recent round of funding

SimplyTapp, a provider of Host Card Emulation solutions for cloud-based mobile payments, has announced that it has raised $5.9 million during its Series B funding round. The company notes that several new investors have contributed to its future and existing investors, such as Blue Sky Capital, have continued to show their support. Thus far, SimplyApp has raised some $7.6 million in funding that will be used to further develop its cloud-based security solution for NFC-powered mobile payments.

Security continues to be a problem for the mobile sector

Security has become a major issue in the mobile commerce field. Mobile devices are beginning to traffic a large amount of financial information coming from consumers and some platforms may not be able to keep this information safe and secure. NFC technology has become a popular mobile commerce tool, allowing for the transmission of digital information over short distances. This technology is also a target for malicious groups that want to exploit this digital information. The demand for better security solutions in the mobile commerce field has been on the rise for some time and companies like SimplyTapp are looking to accommodate this need.

Cloud-based solution may help make mobile payments more secure

Funding for mobile payments security solutionsSimplyTapp’s cloud-based solution may help provide consumers and businesses participating in mobile commerce with some peace of mind. The system is designed to authorize transactions and confirm consumer information through a cloud network. This provides an extra layer of security when financial information is being accessed. SimplyTapp has opened up its platform to developers in order to enable them to design new applications and services that are more capable of keeping consumer information safe.

Security concerns do little to stop consumers from participating in mobile commerce

Security has become one of the most significant challenges facing mobile commerce currently. Cyber attacks in this sector are becoming more common, and the lack of effective security solutions is one of the reasons behind this problem. Despite security concerns, consumers have shown that they are quite enthusiastic about mobile payments, wanting to use their smartphones and tablets more often when purchasing products.

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