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Deloitte report predicts the growth of mobile commerce in Canada

Mobile technology is having an impact on several sectors throughout Canada

Multinational professional services firm Deloitte has released a new report highlighting the trends that are expected to be seen in the mobile space over the next 18 months. The report predicts that mobile technology will have a significant impact on a variety of sectors, ranging from retail to artificial intelligence. Notably, mobile commerce is expected to gain significant momentum over the next 18 months, especially as retailers become more supportive of mobile payment systems.

Young consumers are showing strong interest in mobile commerce

Last year, Deloitte’s report proved to be approximately 80% accurate. This year, the report highlights the potential for millennials, who have long been an elusive demographic, to drive the growth of mobile technology in various sectors. Notably, those between the ages of 18 and 24 are less likely to use their mobile devices over their personal computers. They are, however, quite interested in mobile commerce. This interest comes from their inherent ties to mobile technology, as most of those within this demographic have grown up steeped in devices like smartphones.

Number of people using mobile payments service to grow by 150% in Canada

Mobile Commerce Growth in CanadaDeloitte predicts that, in Canada, mobile commerce may see aggressive growth. The firm expects to see a 150% increase in the number of Canadian consumers using mobile payments services over the next 18 months. Consumers are showing favor for mobile commerce because of its convenient nature. As mobile payments service become more secure, consumers are also becoming more willing to use these systems to purchase products that they are interested in. Retailers are expected to continue supporting mobile commerce more aggressively as well.

Mobile games are becoming very popular among consumers

The report from Deloitte also predicts that more consumers will become involved in mobile gaming. Canada is home to the third largest game industry in the world, valued at approximately $2.3 billion and employing more than 200,000 people. Canadian consumers are showing strong interest in mobile games, which also serve as another channel through which they can spend money.

Apple’s mobile payments platform gains support in Canada

Elavon announces support for mobile payments service from Apple

Elavon, a provider of payment technology in Canada, has announced that it has become one of the first payment processing companies to support Apple Pay for Canadian businesses. This means that Apple Pay will now be able to be used at existing EMV point of sale terminals in Canada. Apple launched its new mobile payments service in Canada late last year, but has yet to find any significant support among consumers. This is similar to what apple is experiencing in the U.S., where mobile payments have yet to become mainstream.

Support may provide Apple with the momentum it needs to find success in Canada

Backed by Elavon, Apple’s mobile payments service may gain the ability to reach more consumers. This may be a boon for retailers using Elavon terminals, as this will allow them to connect with consumers that are becoming increasingly mobile-centric. These consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices to get their shopping done as they see mobile payments as more convenient. Mobile payments are still relatively uncommon in Canada, but consumers are showing a great deal of interest in services that allow them to use their mobile devices as digital wallets.

Apple Pay security features may make consumers feel safer about mobile payments

Canada Mobile Payments - AppleOne of the reasons that consumers in Canada, as well as elsewhere, are somewhat weary of mobile payments has to do with security concerns. In the past, consumers have fallen prey to malicious groups that sought to exploit their financial information, which was acquired through compromised payment systems. Apple Pay, however, has won praise for its security features, particularly its use of biometric technology.

Apple may face competition from other companies that are involved in the mobile payments space

Mobile payments services are likely to gain more momentum in Canada as new services become more available. Apple is likely to experience some competition in Canada, as there are already mobile payments services available in the country. The company may be able to overcome this competition, however, by leveraging the security of its service.