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Mobile devices are particularly appealing to athletes

Smart headphones called “Dash” have called themselves the first wireless ear buds in the world.

The Dash is currently billing itself as the first wireless ear buds to be available anywhere in the globe and these mobile devices depended on meeting their $260,000 Kickstarter funding goal to get there.

This new smart gadget will offer wearers fitness tracking, music, and even communication.

The Dash smart mobile devices have been created by BRAGI, a company based in Munich. They are ear bud style headphones that will provide a range of different wearable technology features and will communicate with smartphones. This, despite the fact that they consist only of two little buds that sit inside the ear. They will not require any wires to connect them to a handset in order to function.

The Dash mobile devices are capable of holding and playing back more than 1,000 music tracks.

The ear buds are fitted with several sensors that allow them to monitor the wearer’s movements as well as some of their biorhythms, so that it is possible for the user to be able to gauge how far he or she has traveled, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and even the amount of energy that has been spent through an activity.

Through Bluetooth technology, they can also be wirelessly connected to a smartphone so that the wearer will be able to receive and make cell phone calls without any need for an additional mic. Instead, they use a bone conduction microphone to allow this to be possible. The added benefit of this method is that it will isolate background noise for a higher quality audio communication.

A five-field capacitive sensor makes it possible for the Dash ear buds to be operated by way of touch. This means that everything from accepting and declining a call to changing the volume or accessing additional features can all be accomplished without any fumbling around. This will be especially appealing to athletes and others who are undergoing serious training. It allows them to leave their handsets behind while still taking advantage of many of the features that those mobile devices provide.

NFC technology with Bluetooth gives hotel guests streaming music

This new service could help to easily and conveniently enhance the overall guest in-room experience.

It has become exceptionally common for travelers to bring smartphones into their hotel rooms with them, many of which are enabled with Bluetooth and NFC technology and the capability for picking up the hotel’s WiFi in order to stream music in a wireless way.

Now, hotel technologies are picking up on this in-room experience in order to provide sleek new audio solutions.

Among them is the iHome audio solution that is designed to help to make guests feel more at home throughout their stay. This service from Hotel Technology involves a device with NFC technology, Bluetooth, and USB charging. It has already been launched at a convention held in New York, and is now being worked into the experience at hotels that wish to stay at the cutting edge of what tech has to offer their consumers.

Many hotels are already embracing the mobile world, and the use of NFC technology and Bluetooth speaks to that.

NFC Technology and streaming musicAccording to the Hotel Technologies national sales manager, Ely Ashkenazi, “Bluetooth technology is a worldwide wireless standard that will be around for many, many years.” He also added that the service is completely automated and has lower power consumption and low interface, which will ensure that it remains very simple to use and convenient from the side of consumers. He also added that NFC technology would also be worked into the service, so that the best of both capabilities could be leveraged.

Overall the NFC technology and Bluetooth support provides hotel guests with the ability to stream music up to 30 feet away and to enjoy the sound from a true stereo experience instead of the built in speaker from their device. It allows for better sound clarity and quality and improved power consumption rates when compared to using the device alone in the room. Moreover, guests can also use the systems as a speakerphone for a crisp and clear conversation. This way they can feel more comfortable, even when they are quite a distance away from the place that they actually call home.