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BlackBerry Messenger gets an upgrade on all platforms

The Canadian tech company announced that its BBM has been beefed up as a focus is placed on software.

The tech company from Windsor, Canada may be struggling when it comes to hardware, but it is using its popular BlackBerry Messenger program and other software to help to bring itself back into relevance and profitability.

The company has announced that it has beefed up its free BBM application for all smartphone operating systems.

There are several new features that have been added to the BlackBerry Messenger app, many of which will be quite appealing to the current and future users of the mobile application. Among the most appealing could be one that allows a user to “retract” a message that was sent to a recipient in error. This option also allows a user to set a time limit on the existence of a message that has been sent.

The BlackBerry Messenger update also provides new location reporting tools that gives users a greater options range.

Blackberry Messenger UpgradeFor instance, the new BBM features make it possible for users to be able to decide whether or not they would like to publicly reveal their physical location. They can decide that they do or do not want to share this data and, if they do, they can state exactly how long they wish to continue to do so.

Until very recently, most of those features did actually exist in the BBM mobile app, but they were available only when using the premium version of the application, for which people paid an annual $12 subscription fee. That said, now that social messaging competition is headed skyward, BlackBerry has opened up these features to users of the free mobile app.

According to the BlackBerry senior vice president of BBM, Matthew Talbot, “Building on the renowned immediacy, reliability and security inherent to BBM, the new release provides unmatched level of privacy and control to BBM users without any subscription fees.”

Talbot also went on to say that providing control over the BlackBerry Messenger content and messages shared by users can ensure that those individuals can be confident in the control they have over that information.

Mobile security features of BBM Messenger upgraded

Blackberry’s latest update to its popular app has been designed to boost its privacy level.

BlackBerry has recently announced that the latest update to the BBM Messenger, across the versions for BB10, iOS, and Android devices, has been launched in order to help to enhance the mobile security level that will protect the privacy of the users.

A new feature has become a central part of the update to the smartphone app, specifically aimed at privacy.

The company has decided to add the additional security feature as a part of the premium components of the app. This mobile security addition can be purchased for a monthly or annual subscription fee. It provides BBM Messenger users with access to a range of features that will include the ability to send a timed message that will self destruct once it has been read, as well as the opportunity to stop their sender details from being revealed on the interface.

Among the more appealing of these mobile security features for BBM Messenger is to retract a mistakenly sent message.

Mobile Security - Blackberry BBM Apps UpgradedThis would mean that if a message was sent to the wrong recipient, by accident, or if the mobile app user changes his or her mind about the message that was sent, it is possible to retract it as long as the recipient has not yet seen it.

The users of the free BBM Messenger service won’t be without the additional mobile privacy features. However, theirs will be limited when compared to the ones that will be offered with the premium subscription. For instance, people who are using the free app will still be able to send timed messages that will self destruct.

However, they will not have access to the additional feature that allows them to keep their user details a secret from those with whom they are communicating. Furthermore, it continues to allow recipients to take screenshots that could be saved as evidence, potentially negating the benefit of the self destructing timed messages.

The retracted messages are also a mobile security feature that will be saved exclusively for those who will be using the service through a paid subscription.