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Mobile payments firm embraces Bitcoin

Square has announced its support for Bitcoin payments through the Square Market platform

Last week, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service classified Bitcoin as a property subject to tax regulation. This sent ripples through the Bitcoin community, largely due to the fact that the digital currency has existed without any significant regulation for the majority of its existence. Now, popular payments processor Square has announced that merchants using its Square Market platform will be able to accept Bitcoin payments. Square is currently only of the most prolific organizations in the mobile commerce space and one of the few that has shown any serious support for Bitcoin.

Fees on Bitcoin payments through the Square Market have not yet been announced

Using the Square Market, a merchant can list items on their websites and pay Square a 2.75% fee on every sale. Square has not yet announced whether or not any kind of fee will be tied to sales made using Bitcoin. Embracing Bitcoin may make Square significantly more popular among the digital currency’s legion of supporters. This popularity is also likely to extend to retailers accepting Bitcoin payments through the Square market.

Square continues to show dominance in the mobile commerce space through its powerful partnerships

Mobile Payments - BitcoinIn 2013, Square processed more than $20 billion in mobile payments. The company has established a strong foothold in the mobile commerce space through its partnerships with companies like Starbucks that have a strong interest in engaging mobile consumers. As people become more mobile-centric, they are beginning to use their smartphones to shop for and purchase products more regularly. Many of those participating in the mobile commerce space have shown interest in Bitcoin and other types of digital currency.

Accepting Bitcoin may have a positive impact on Square’s forthcoming IPO

Square has plans to launch an initial public offering (IPO) within the coming months. The Square Market is currently valued at over $5 billion ahead of this IPO and its acceptance of Bitcoin may have a positive impact on that valuation. Bitcoin does have detractors, however, many of whom criticize the unregulated nature of the digital currency and its attraction to hackers.

Zynga announces support of Bitcoin

Bitcoin could be used to pay for mobile games

Bitcoin is gaining ground as more companies take this form of digital currency more seriously. Mobile games developer Zynga is one of the companies that has recently announced its interest in Bitcoin. The company has announced that it will be conducting a payment test with Bitcoin as the major focus. The developer has teamed with BitPay, a Bitcoin service provider, and the two companies will be working to examine the possible uses of Bitcoin in mobile games.

Bitcoin popularity continues to rise

The current market value of Bitcoin stands at approximately $1,000. The value of the digital currency spiked after Zynga made its announcement. Bitcoin is notoriously volatile, however, as it is not regulated by any government or financial organization. As such, the value of Bitcoin can drop dramatically at any given time, or skyrocket depending on certain factors. A company like Zynga announcing its support for the digital currency, for example, can help the currency become more valuable.

In-game payments remain a focus of Zynga

Mobile Games - Zynga and BitcoinThe payment test will focus on Zynga’s mobile games, many of which are already quite popular with consumers. These games tend to include microtransactions, small payments that can be made to unlock additional content or new features in a mobile game. In-game purchases are quite common in mobile gaming, but relatively unpopular among consumers. Indeed, Zynga’s aggressive use of in-game purchases caused many people to abandon the company’s games, seeking out less expensive and more inclusive mobile games.

Volatility of Bitcoin may make it unpopular in gaming

Zynga is requesting that gamers provide feedback for its payment test. This feedback will be used to formulate a more cohesive payment strategy for the developer’s current and future games. Zynga has issued its support for Bitcoin because of the currency’s dramatic rise in popularity. The volatility of the currency may not win it any fans among consumers, however.