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Bitcoin gains more support in the mobile commerce space

Acromobile and Bitnet aim to take the risk out of digital currency

Acromobile, a mobile software provider, has announced that it has partnered with Bitnet, a prominent digital commerce platform, in order to enable merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin. The digital currency has been receiving more attention in the mobile commerce space, but many merchants are wary of it because of its somewhat dubious reputation. Bitcoin is extremely volatile, with its value fluctuating wildly for a variety of reasons. Acromobile and Bitnet believe that they can provide a “risk-free” solution for merchants dealing with Bitcoin.

New platform will enable merchants to accept payments made in Bitcoin without having to deal with the risks of the currency’s volatility

Bitnet’s commerce platform has been implemented into the software as a service Acromobile Payments solution. This will allow merchants using the solution to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Payments can be made by those using a mobile device. The platform also supports other forms of payment, including those made with debit and credit cards. The appeal of the platform may lie with its ability to effectively mitigate risk for merchants.

Retailers are somewhat wary of Bitcoin because of its fluctuating value

Mobile Commerce - BitcoinThe two companies are working to ensure that merchants will not be exposed to the digital currency’s price fluctuations. This is being accomplished through various tools that Acromobile has developed. The platform may help relieve some of the concerns that merchants have regarding Bitcoin, but whether or not the digital currency will gain any significant traction in the retail space may be something beyond the control of Acormobile and Bitnet.

The volatility of Bitcoin makes the digital currency a hard sell for retailers

Bitcoin is quite popular within the mobile commerce space, where it is seen as a viable form of currency by many. The volatility of the currency is a problem for retailers, however, as price fluctuations can leave them exposed to significant financial losses. A single Bitcoin is currently valued at approximately $331, but its value has been dropping steadily over the past few months.

Mobile payments firm announces support for Apple Pay and Bitcoin

Square will begin supporting Apple Pay and Bitcoin through its new register service

Square, a prominent mobile payments firm in North America, recently announced that it will be registering its service with Apple Pay. The firm is yet another prominent entity in the mobile commerce space that has begun showing support for the Apple Pay platform. Square is not limiting itself to showing support for Apple Pay, of course, and has also announced that it is considering supporting Bitcoin, a somewhat controversial digital currency.

Register service aims to accept any form of payment that will become available in the future

The firm is currently developing a register service that will allow merchants to accept traditional payments, checks, credit cards, and digital currency. Eventually, the service is meant to accept any form of payment that could emerge in the future as a way to help merchants connect with the ever evolving nature of mobile technology and how mobile payments are influencing consumer behavior. Supporting Bitcoin is one of the first steps in this endeavor.

Bitcoin continues to gain traction despite volatile nature

Mobile Payments Support for BitcoinBitcoin is somewhat controversial because of its unregulated nature. The lack of regulation makes Bitcoin somewhat volatile in terms of value. The value of this digital currency often fluctuates with little reason. At the beginning of 2014, a single Bitcoin was worth approximately $1,000. Now, however, a single coin is worth $435. The value of this currency changes based on various factors, most of which are impossible to control. Because of its volatile nature, some merchants avoid Bitcoin, but others are beginning to embrace it in order to better accommodate digital consumers.

Square does not see Apple Pay as competition because they both accomplish different tasks

Square notes that Apple Pay is not considered to be a competition for Square. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, claims that Apple Pay is only a platform that enables mobile payments, while Square processes these payments. Square does not build a payment device, but rather serves as a payment processor for organizations that are involved in the mobile commerce space.