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Streaming music service launches at Amazon

The online marketplace has released its full on-demand service called Amazon Music Unlimited.

It feels as though rumors about an Amazon streaming music service have been around forever. As of this week, the company launched Amazon Music Unlimited. It is meant to function as a rival to Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify. That said, Amazon has worked hard to make its offerings stand out.

There are many ways in which Amazon Music Unlimited is different from other options on the market.

That said, the price of a subscription is likely what makes this streaming music service the most different. In the U.S., it has launched at $79 per year or $7.99 per month for Prime members. This is notably less expensive than the premium Spotify and Apple Music options. Moreover, customers who own an Amazon Echo voice-controlled gadget will be able to subscribe for music at only $3.99 per month.

Streaming Music Service - Google Play MusicThat said, at the very heart of the service is one that is quite similar to the competition. It has an enormous catalog of songs. It also includes a recommendation engine to help users to discover new music. The service has a contract with the three largest music labels in addition to a solid number of indie labels. It can allow users to create their own playlists though algorithmic playlists are also available.

The Amazon streaming music service is available for Android, iOS, Sonos and desktop users.

Naturally, it is also available through the Amazon set-top boxes as well as its Fire tablets. The company’s new Music apps have been entirely recreated and overhauled. They have new navigation, typography and place a greater focus on album art and imagery.

These applications also offer a number of interesting features. For instance, users can automatically download music the company’s algorithms think they will like. This function occurs in the background so users can benefit from offline listening, too. Lyrics integration has also been included in the mix.

Amazon is focusing the marketing of its new streaming music service on its sleek integration with the Echo devices and with Alexa voice assistant.

Burberry’s first Apple Music channel to launch

A new partnership will make the U.K. fashion design label the first brand with a dedicated channel.

Recent reports have shown that Burberry and Apple Music have entered into a new deal that will make the luxury fashion designer the first brand to have its own dedicated channel over the streaming service.

This channel will be hosted inside the streaming service’s “Curators” and will offer unique features.

For example, the Burberry Apple Music channel will feature new British acts in live performance videos. This will include certain performances that will be exclusive to the channel, such as video from the Burberry Womenswear show that will be taking place later in September, in London. The Curators section of the streaming service has already played host to channels that have been established by genre experts, musicians, and even from music critics from such top publications as Pitchfork, NME, and Rolling Stone.

The Apple Music channel is only the most recent in a spectrum of efforts that Burberry is making.

Apple Music - New Channel from BurberryThe brand is attempting to bring its name closer to the music world, in an effort that it began a few years ago. Other notable projects that it has launched over the past few years have included the Burberry Acoustic series, which started five years ago as a route for the company to be able to boost the way people view it as a lifestyle brand by connecting with the indie music scene in the United Kingdom.

This most recent partnership is also considered to be important as it represents the first time that Apple and Burberry have worked together since Angela Ahrendts stepped down as the chief exec for the designer in order to become the senior vice president of retail and online stores for the tech giant.

Once Ahrendts made her way from Burberry to Apple, rumors have been swirling about partnerships that may form between the two brands, especially after the launch of the Apple Watch was first announced. It is not clear whether or not Ahrendts was directly involved in this partnership with Apple Music, but it may represent only the first deal of many that will occur between these two companies.