The Ultimate Guide To Choosing an Online Music Streaming Service

You might be wondering why people would want to listen to online radio when they can just conveniently save songs to their mp3 players or their smartphones. Why bother going online when it is very much possible to play all your music offline? There’s just something about the “radio” format that makes music lovers continue listening. 

But how do you know which online radio is the best option? What are the features to take into account? Consider the following discussions as you narrow down your choices?

 1. Extensive Music Catalog 

A good online music streaming site has to have an extensive music catalog. It doesn’t have to be in the 10 million-and-up range. What’s important is the quality and type of music available. The songs played should suit your preferences. Some online music streaming services tout having over 20 million songs when the number is practically not that much of an advantage.

2. Low Price or Free Option 

Free is of course always preferable. However, if you have the bucks to spare, comparing options that would require some subscription fee would be okay. Cheaper is better but you have to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Be meticulous in making your choice to find the best option. 

If you compare Pandora and Spotify, you will find out that Pandora has the cheaper offering. You can also consider Jango Radio. It is a free online music streaming service with very attractive features. Just do a quick search on Google to know all about Jango Radio and find out if it can suit our needs and preferences. Streaming music

3. Rich Set of Features 

The features offered definitely matter. You have to find an online music streaming service provider that can provide you the most options for your listening pleasure. It should at least provide the option to choose and create stations based on music genre and artist. The option to create playlists that can be stored offline is also preferable. 

Additionally, it will be great if the online music service can be used through various ways. Aside from being accessible through a web browser, it will be a significant advantage having the ability to access it through mobile apps. Playing music is one of the most frequent uses of web-enabled mobile devices. You will certainly appreciate the convenience of being able to tune in to your online radio through your smartphone or tablet. 

4. Reliability and Intuitiveness 

A rich set of features does not mean anything if they are not reliable. Hence, you have to make sure that you are choosing a reliable online music service. Ideally, downtimes should never exist or they should be very minimal. The features should also work as expected. You certainly wouldn’t like finding out that your playlists or station selections suddenly disappeared or are getting jumbled or truncated. 

Likewise, you have to find one that is intuitive. Figuring out how to use it should be a breeze. As much as possible, you should be able to make use of shortcuts. The controls should be easy to find and toggle. You should easily learn how to make use of the features being offered. 

5. Updated Music and Interaction with other Users 

Just like traditional radio, it is important for the online radio service you are choosing to be updated with their music selections. While you may appreciate some oldies and other music from the yesteryears, you are more likely to want new songs playing on your radio. 

Moreover, being able to interact with other listeners can be a great advantage. Going social is today’s trend. If you can share playlists or get updated with the hottest musical selections across the web, you will likely have a more enjoyable listening experience. 

Consider these pointers as you look for a good online music streaming service. Aims to find the one that offers the best set of features, reliability, extensive music catalog, and intuitive interface. Do your own assessment and don’t just copy what others are using. 

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Ulrich A. is a music buff who also loves the online life. If you are looking for information and insights about music, he could be your go-to guy. Be sure to drop by his blog if you want to know all about Jango Radio and other online music streaming services.

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