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Report highlights the prospects of mobile commerce for 2013

Mobile Commerce ReportNew report examines the mobile commerce landscape of 2013

Mobile Commerce Daily has released a new report highlighting the trends that are emerging in the retail industry. The report, titled the Mobile Commerce Outlook 2013, provides some insight on how retailers are approaching the issue of mobile commerce and the various challenges they face in doing so. More retailers are beginning to feel the need to cater to mobile consumers, especially as these people become more prone to spending money through their mobile devices rather than participating in traditional forms of commerce. As mobile payments become more common, companies that opt out of mobile commerce may be missing a major opportunity.

Consumers showing more comfort with mobile shopping

According to the report, consumers are more likely to purchase more products if they are shopping from a mobile device. Retailers with efficient and easy-to-use mobile commerce systems see higher sales volumes than those offering cumbersome services. Consumers have shown a great deal of comfort in purchasing products using their smartphones and tablets, even when faced with lingering security concerns the inefficiency of some mobile commerce platforms.

Amazon and eBay establish strong lead in mobile commerce

Companies that already have a strong online presence have been able to establish a formidable lead in the mobile commerce arena. eBay, for instance, expects to see more than $20 billion in global mobile sales in the coming years. Amazon continues to enjoy a dominant role in the retail industry, which has been punctuated by the company’s growing support for mobile commerce. The company has begun catering more heavily to mobile consumers, forcing its competitor to follow suit or risk losing out on a sizable portion of loyal customers.

Security concerns likely to persist into the future

Mobile commerce is still faced with significant challenges which are not likely to be entirely overcome this year. Security remains one of the most significant of these challenges. While many consumers pay little attention to the issue of mobile security, when financial information becomes involved they begin to show more concern. There is no simple solution to the security issue, which means that it will likely continue to plague mobile commerce well into the future.

Mobile games could be powerful tools for cancer research

Mobile Games cancer researchMobile games gaining attention as possible research tools

Mobile games may soon play a profound role in cancer research. Over the past weekend, cancer researchers and developers from Google joined together to create a mobile game that was designed specifically for the research of tumor genes. This is not the first time mobile games have been used for such a purpose, but Google’s efforts have rekindled interest in the possible uses of mobile games to introduce innovative solutions to serious problems.

Cancer Research UK sets sights on mobile games

Cancer Research UK, one of the leading cancer research organizations in the United Kingdom, has announced plans to develop mobile games that are designed to accelerate the discovery of cures for various types of cancer. The organization will be teaming with Facebook and Amazon in order to see this effort come to fruition. The organization plans to have the first of its mobile games developed over the course of three days, with developers from both Facebook and Amazon creating a working prototype for the game.

Game could shed light on new solutions

Once the prototype has been completed, it will be given to a dedicated development firm that will turn it into a cross-platform game for both iOS and Android platforms. The game will likely be similar to FoldIt and Phylo, both of which essentially crowdsource research efforts concerning genetics and serious diseases. Cancer Research UK suggests that mobile games hold a great deal of potential, as they are entertaining for consumers and could shed some light on solutions that researchers may have never thought of in the first place.

Mobile games can tap into the power of the crowd

Most mobiles are firmly within the realm of entertainment, rarely used for any purpose beyond staving off boredom among consumers. Cancer Research UK suggests that the true potential of mobile games lies in crowdsourcing, pooling the collective problem solving capabilities of a populace and using this capability to overcome major challenges that have impeded research for several years.