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Black Friday a major success for mobile commerce


Black Friday proves to be a pivotal day for mobile and e-commerce

Black Friday has passed and Mobile Commerce Black Fridaywas a resounding success for  the retail industry, especially where e-commerce is concerned. comScore. a leading business analytics firm, had predicted that Black Friday would be a major success for retailers that embraced mobile consumers, largely due to the growing popularity of mobile commerce. The firm has released a new report concerning the online sales that occurred on Black Friday. The report documents the performance of e-commerce and shows the economic promise that mobile commerce represents.

Report shows online sales surpass $1 billion

According to the report, e-commerce sales on Black Friday surpassed $1 billion in the U.S. The feat is largely being attributed to the willingness of consumers to participate in mobile commerce. While physical stores saw a great deal of traffic, online platforms did as well. Many consumers took to e-commerce as a way to avoid crowds, while others did so to get the best deals they could find. comScore notes that the performance of this year’s Black Friday is an overall increase of 26% from last year’s Black Friday.

Millions of consumers rely on online platforms for shopping

More than 57 million consumers visited e-commerce sites and made use of mobile commerce platforms. The majority of these consumers flocked to Amazon, where they were able to find an assortment of deals on products they wanted. Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and Apple also saw a great deal of digital traffic on Black Friday. comScore notes that the fastest growing category of sales this holiday season has been digital content and subscription, as well as toys and consumers packaged goods. The comScore report shows that apparel and accessories were sold the most online during Black Friday, with computer hardware following closely behind.

Black Friday may add more momentum to mobile commerce

Black Friday was expected to be a time when mobile commerce would prove how viable it could be over traditional forms of commerce. The comScore report suggests that this has been accomplished, as both e-commerce and mobile commerce platforms were able to perform well for consumers. The success of Black Friday may encourage retailers to invest more heavily in mobile commerce in the future.

The Fancy finds success through mobile commerce


The Fancy gaining momentum as a mobile commerce platform

There is a new social shmobile commerce successopping network that is rising to prominence on the back of mobile commerce. Thing Daemon, a social business company founded in 2010, runs a Pintrest-like shopping website called The Fancy. In late October, The Fancy raised more than $26.4 million from investors interested in the concepts of social and mobile commerce. Thing Daemon also added former American Express vice chairman Ed Gilligan to its board of directors, further boosting its presence as a breakout success in the mobile commerce space.

Users can make purchases through website and application

The Fancy allows consumers to browse an extensive database of objects, compiled by Thing Daemon. Users are able to tag the objects they like so they can be found easily at a later date. When The Fancy first began, it was nothing more than a site where people could share the items they liked. In February 2012, however, all that changed when the ability to purchase items was added to the website and its subsequent mobile application. In a few short months, The Fancy was accounting for more than $10,000 in daily sales. Now, The Fancy is doing $200,000 a week in sales.

Social and mobile commerce proves to be a potent mix

Though this is a small sum when compared to other sites in the same field, such as Fab, a design-oriented sales site, The Fancy has shown how the concepts of social and mobile commerce can lead to resounding and quick success. The Fancy is seeing most of its success in the mobile space, where consumers are eager to share the items they like with friends and family in a way akin to most common social networks.

Amazon and Apple show interest in The Fancy

In the wake of the success surrounding The Fancy, Apple and Amazon began showing extreme interest in the platform. Details concerning how in-depth this interest went have not yet been revealed, but both Amazon and Apple have taken notice of the popularity surrounding mobile commerce. These companies may be looking for a way to bolster their presence in the burgeoning industry and The Fancy may be the ideal platform to do so.