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Mobile shopping trends show consumers start searches at Amazon

This online marketplace appears to be the top starting point for people looking for products.

When it comes to the search for information, Google still reigns supreme, but when consumers have a product in mind, the mobile shopping trends now show that Amazon is the place where they are most likely to start.

A recent study has shown that 45 percent of mobile shoppers look to Amazon first when seeking a product.

While 63 percent of mobile consumers will still use Google when they are trying to find information about a topic or a product, when the time comes that they actually want to make a purchase, their attention is turned to Amazon for that first query, 45 percent of the time. The mobile shopping trends study was conducted in the form of an analysis of tracking data with regards to the decision process of a panel made up of 2,000 mobile shoppers, online. The study was conducted by both Pymnts and Amazon, which are both companies involved in mobile payments.

They discovered some very insightful mobile shopping trends, regarding searching behaviors.

Mobile Shopping Trends - Searches start at AmazonWhat they discovered was that when consumers want to buy something online 64 percent will begin by conducting a search at an online marketplace, while another 48 percent will begin their effort at a specific favorite merchant. Only 40 percent started a shopping experience by using a search engine.

In terms of mobile commerce, this searching trend does make a great deal of sense, as these devices are not used in the same way as laptops and desktops. Someone who is trying to find a product while using a smartphone is much more likely to be conducting a search for something specific, and may be looking for the item based on their current location, as opposed to absolutely everything that is available online.

While many laptop and desktop users conduct searches with the intention to buy online, mobile shopping trends show that many of their product queries are for products that they want to better understand but then purchase in a brick and mortar shop. They will often try to ensure that the retailer does sell the product, that it is in stock, and that they have the best price that can be found locally.

Mobile gadget, Dash, is Amazon’s next shopping strategy

This free device has been designed to encourage shoppers to purchase a lot more than they otherwise would.

Amazon has just launched its latest mobile gadget in the form of the Dash, a handheld device that is meant to make it a great deal easier for consumers to be able to add items to their shopping lists.

This device is currently available only by invitation, but it is being handed out for free.

According to the website, Every member of the family can use Dash to easily add items to your AmazonFresh shopping list.” The mobile gadget simply needs to be directed at the barcode on an item in the kitchen that is running low – perhaps the bottle of ketchup, the jar of peanut butter, or a box of cereal, for example – and press the scan button. The device retrieves the information about that product from its barcode and sends it to the cloud. Then, the next time an AmazonFresh order is made, the scanned items will already be on the shopping list.

Even without the barcode, this mobile gadget can receive voice instructions.

If the item isn’t handy, if the package has already been tossed, or if you’d just like to add it and you didn’t previously have it in your kitchen, the user simply needs to press the microphone button and tell the device what is wanted. Voice recognition software will allow the device to be able to interpret what is being said so that it can be added to the shopping list.

The Dash gadget is meant to work alongside AmazonFresh, which is the grocery delivery service from Amazon. It is currently available in Southern California, San Francisco, and Seattle, only. The device works by connecting to the WiFi network within the home in order to add the various desired items directly onto the shopping list for that service. Then, later on, a computer, tablet, or smartphone can be used to review the order, edit it, and complete it so that the items can be shipped to the home.

At the moment, the only way to obtain this mobile gadget is by receiving an invitation that includes a code that must be entered in order to request it – for free – online.