Retailers expected to focus more heavily on mobile payments in 2016

Enthusiasm for mobile payments is growing quickly among retailers and consumers alike

In 2015, the mobile payments space began to emerge as a mainstream power. Over the holiday season, various businesses were exposed to the success that could be had from a focus on the mobile sector, and their enthusiasm for mobile payments is likely to carry over into this year. Matt Asay, vice president of mobile for Adobe Marketing Cloud, noted that the holiday season was a fantastic time for mobile shopping despite the fact that many consumers reported stress from using mobile payments services.

Retailers are being pressured to improve the mobile shopping experience

Asay suggests that consumers are fairly ahead of retailers when it comes to mobile shopping. They are well aware of what they want in a mobile shopping experience, and retailers have been struggling to accommodate the demands coming from consumers. Converting mobile shoppers into actual paying customers has proven to be a challenge. Retailers are expected to focus more heavily on improving the mobile shopping experience in 2016.


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Report shows that mobile payments will comprise 45% of all e-commerce transactions by 2020

Retail - Mobile PaymentsAccording to a recent report from BI Intelligence, mobile payments will comprise 45% of all e-commerce transactions by 2020. This will account for approximately $284 billion in sales. This is three times more in sales that is expected to be reported in 2016. Retailers may have to shift focus away from mobile applications in order to effectively engage the customers that are becoming invested in mobile payments. Mobile websites have, thus far, provided a better shopping experience for consumers than applications.

More retailers may begin supporting mobile payments in physical stores

Retailers are expected to begin supporting mobile payments in their physical stores as a way to provide consumers with a worthwhile experience. Many consumers already use their smartphones and tablets in physical stores, but only to search for and research products that they are interested in. Retailers may be able to increase conversion rates by supporting mobile payments at physical stores, allowing consumers to make purchases with their devices rather than traditional forms of commerce.

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