PlayStation Mobile is shutting down this fall

Sony has announced that it will no longer be continuing with the PSM platform on its Japanese language site.

Sony has now revealed that it will be shutting down its PlayStation Mobile platform, after having struggled with it off and one throughout its entire history, without ever reaching its hoped-for heights.

The company stated that when it comes to PSM, its mobile gaming is now officially coming to an end.

The PlayStation Mobile service is still going to remain active for a number of months, but users are going to be able to continue purchasing new content only until July 15, even though the service will still remain for a time after that. During the months that follow, customers will still be able to re-download any content that they had already previously purchased. However, no new purchases will be possible after that date. It will be important for PSM users to complete all of their downloads rather promptly, though, because after the full shutdown is complete, their content will no longer be available to re-download.

As of September 10, 2015, PlayStation Mobile will be shutting down entirely and will not provide service for existing users.

PlayStation Mobile - Shutting DownIt has been clear to many that right from the very start of this mobile gaming system, there have been struggles, and these were not challenges that would be easy to overcome. Sony tried very hard, and even waved the publisher license fee as of May 2013, in an attempt to make its platform more appealing to developers. Unfortunately for the company, this effort still didn’t go as planned.

Last year, PSM dropped its Android mobile gaming support, keeping itself open to indie developers with a focus on its PlayStation Vita. That said, the offerings were hardly bursting from the seams, even then.

Though this announcement is far from a declaration that indie games will stop appearing on the Vita, it should be recognized that Sony, itself, publishes a considerable number of games on the actual PlayStation Store. While PlayStation Mobile may be shutting its doors, it does look as though 2015 will be a positive year for fans of PS as a whole.

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