Vuzix augmented reality eyewear set to compete with Google


Augmented Reality GlassesVuzix may be able to compete with Google’s Project Glass

The hype surrounding augmented reality glasses has diminished somewhat, but that does not mean that these products have disappeared. Google is still hard at work on Project Glass, and may soon be confronted by a promising competitor known as Vuzix. Vuzix is an ambitious and successful technology company that has set its sights on augmented reality eyewear. The company plans to release its M100 Smart Glasses in the coming years, which may have major implications for the way people live their lives.

Vuzix may revive hype surrounding augmented reality glasses

Google first drew attention to the idea of augmented reality eyewear with Project Glass. The technology company billed Project Glass as a new way to stay connected to social networks, find information on products and events through dynamic digital displays, and experience a wide range of digital content. The scope of Project Glass has proven somewhat ambitious for Google, leading the company to pull back its expectations concerning augmented reality. But Vuzix is on course to introduce many of the features that may be absent with Project Glass in the future.

M100 Smart Glasses designed to use applications of its own

The M100 Smart Glasses from Vuzix are designed to be an “intelligent hands-free display for smart phones.” Essentially, the eyewear will act as a display for a smart phone, enhancing a user’s view of the world with a wide variety of digital displays. These displays can be customized to suit the needs of the wearer. The augmented reality eyewear can make use of its own applications in a similar way that smart phones use applications, adding further customization options.

Augmented reality may have a future in mobile commerce

Though the M100 Smart Glasses lack NFC technology, they could establish a strong foothold in the realm of mobile commerce. Augmented reality has already proven popular amongst mobile shoppers, and the glasses from Vuzix may also be able to meet the needs of these consumers in a dynamic way. Time will tell how the new product could be used in mobile commerce, but the possibility for this is certainly there.

Verdict report highlights mobile commerce growth


Verdict details growth of mobile commerce in the UK

Verdict, an independent retailMobile Commerce Growth UK analyst, has released a new report concerning the growth of mobile commerce in the UK. The report, titled “M-Commerce in the UK 2012,” examined the trends that have contributed to the growing popularity surrounding mobile commerce and what consumers are responding to. The response from consumers is dictating how the retail industry makes use of mobile commerce services and how these services are being incorporated into an overarching business structure.

Growth expected to exceed 500% by 2017

In the report, Verdict predicts that mobile commerce will grow more than 504% from 2012 to 2017. Much of this growth is being attributed to the growing demand for mobile commerce services coming from consumers. The retail industry is eager to meet this demand, introducing new mobile commerce services to better serve customers that wish to use their smart phones and other devices to make purchases of products. Indeed, the retail industry is expected to dominate the UK market in terms of mobile commerce.

Consumers respond well to mobile commerce initiatives

According to  the report, Verdict expects mobile shopping and purchases to flourish in the coming years. The report includes the results of a survey carried out by Verdict, which found that 24.8% of consumers claimed they were likely to use their mobile device to research a product before buying it. These consumers also expressed interest in using their mobile devices to purchase goods, a trend that is becoming more popular as more consumers become comfortable with the capabilities of mobile technology.

UK on its way to dominating mobile commerce market

The United Kingdom is quickly shaping up to be one of the most attractive mobile commerce markets in the world. UK consumers have already shown their willingness to participate in mobile shopping and purchases, more so than consumers in many other countries where mobile commerce has established a foothold. If the trends Verdict has seen continue, the UK may be the most robust mobile commerce market in the world.