NFC technology solution created by Proxama for Isis

The company has come up with a new near field communication solution for the mobile wallet.

The leading NFC technology provider for mobile wallets and engagement tech, Proxama PLC, has announced that it will be working with Isis for its mobile payments solutions.

This partnership is meant to help to boost the Isis mobile wallet app for enabled devices.

Isis is the mobile wallet venture created by Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, and AT&T Mobile. They will be working with Proxama in order to develop the app for NFC technology enabled devices through the use of the BlackBerry 10 operating system. The effort is meant to help to expand the use of the wallet within the North American marketplace.

The use of NFC technology based mobile wallets has been slow to take off, so the hope is that this will help.

Business Partnership - NFC TechnologyThe Proxama managing director, Miles Quitmann, explained that “The roll out of Isis is a significant step forward for NFC as a mainstream consumer technology. We are delighted to be working with Isis on this very exciting venture. Proxama has built up an enviable position in the mobile wallet space. The North American market is a really important one for us.”

The technology platform at Proxama has been shown to be effective in supporting customer loyalty, engagement, and secure contactless payments through the use of NFC technology. Proxama is already working with some of the top brands through this tech, such as Barclaycard, EE, KFC, EAT, and others. These have helped to expand the use of mobile wallets and to boost customer engagement.

At the moment, the adoption of NFC technology based payments has been held back primarily by the limited number of devices that are equipped with these chips. However, as a growing number of device models are released with near field communication, and as the awareness of these types of payments begins to expand, it is believed that it will not be very long before these mobile wallets become a part of the mainstream for completing purchase transactions at a point of sale in a brick and mortar store.

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