NFC Forum introduces new NFC specifications


New specifications from the NFC Forum aim to introduce more standardization

The NFC Forum, a non-profit assocNFC Forum Mobile Marketing Commerceiation that promotes standardization of NFC technology, has released its NFC Controller Interface specification. The report has been made available for use for free in the hopes of expanding awareness of NFC technology and promoting its proper usage. The NFC Forum notes that its latest publication accounts for a “major new specification, created from the ground up.” This new specification is meant to provide more standardization into the realm of NFC technology.

NFC still reliant on standards

NFC technology is still in its infancy, having emerged in 2004, thus thrives on standards that provide a framework for its usage. Standardization is important to ensure a uniform and pleasurable experience with consumers who will use the technology. Without standards, the experiences companies with an interest in NFC technology offer would vary wildly, leaving many consumers without a clear definition of what the technology is or how it should be used. Standardization aims to provide consumers with the best experience possible by encouraging companies to develop services that can be familiar to a wide range of people.

New specification further defines NFC interface

The new specification from the NFC Forum defines a standard interface between NFC devices and a controller, such as a payment terminal or an NFC-enabled appliance. The NFC Forum believes that the new specification is important because it will allow device makers to more easily integrate chipsets from a wide range of manufacturers. Essentially, NFC chip makers are expected to be compelled to make products that can be used on a wider range of platforms rather than on a limited number of mobile devices.

Specification may help companies adopt NFC-based services

The new specifications coming from the NFC Forum will likely have an impact of the mobile commerce industry. The specifications are expected to make mobile payments somewhat more inclusive for a wider range of consumers, but it will also help companies incorporate NFC-based services more easily. These companies will be able to provide consumers with services using a familiar interface, rather than risk introducing a new interface that may not be well received by consumers.

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