Mobile shopping hits a snag in India

Retailers are choosing to abandon their conventional e-commerce websites in favor of apps

Mobile shopping is becoming more common in India, but some consumers are not convinced that retailers should abandon their websites for an app-only approach. This is the case with Myntra and Flipkart, two of the largest e-commerce entities in the country. Both companies are opting to push shopping from a mobile application, choosing to abandon their websites altogether. While shopping on a mobile app may be considered convenient for consumers, removing the options that these consumers have may be a problem.

Apps may be making it less convenient to shop from a mobile device

Young consumers have shown a great deal of enthusiasm when it comes to mobile commerce. These people tend to spend a significant portion of their time on the Internet, using a wide variety of apps to interact with others and for the sake of entertainment. They also make use of mobile apps to do their shopping, but they also visit e-commerce sites directly, either with their desktop computers or mobile devices. As retailers begin abandoning their websites, consumers are finding it harder to shop online.

Mobile shopping apps tend to lack the functionality of e-commerce websites

Mobile Shopping  - IndiaMobile shopping apps can be convenient, but they often lack the selection of products that can be found on conventional e-commerce sites. Apps also do not support large pictures, which can make it more difficult for consumers to see the products that they are interested in. There are also functionality issues with applications that can make shopping from a mobile device more complicated than it is meant to be. While websites are not perfect, they may offer consumers more options when it comes to shopping, especially when it comes to product selection.

Mobile shopping is gaining traction throughout India

Despite the problems of mobile apps, mobile commerce continues to thrive in India. More consumers are choosing to shop online with their smartphones and tablets than ever before. This trend is expected to continue gaining momentum over the next several years, making India one of the leasing mobile commerce markets in the world.

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