Mobile security confidence will be key to m-commerce adoption

A recent study has shown that customers are not interested in shopping over smartphones until they feel safe.

Businesses that are hoping to be able to take full advantage of what m-commerce has to offer are, according to a recent report based on a study, going to need to do a better job at showing consumers that they can trust in mobile security.

Many smartphone owners simply do not feel that it is safe enough to share their details to buy over these devices.

Though many people are still looking at products on their smartphones, in addition to other shopping behaviors such as comparing prices, they are still much more comfortable making purchases from their laptops and desktops than they are using m-commerce, simply because they do not yet have faith in mobile security. This, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance and PayPal’s results of the 2013 National Online Safety Study.

The report suggests that mobile security should be a prime focus for convincing consumers to use m-commerce.

Mobile Security and mobile commerceWhat the report revealed was that 36 percent of respondents were feeling mobile security concerns when it came to shopping over their smartphones and tablets. However, at the same time, only 22 percent of the participants had taken the precaution of installing a protection app into their device beyond whatever was included in the manufacturer initially installed. There were far more game apps installed than those meant for protecting the device.


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According to the National Cyber Security Alliance executive director, Michael Kaiser, “Many people just start using a mobile device without always taking the time to implement safety or security measures.” He added that by making sure that mobile security software has been installed and that it includes a program that can wipe out the data the phone contains if it is ever lost or stolen, and by locking the device with a password, greater peace of mind can be achieved.

Aside from mobile security, there were also large concerns identified regarding the risk that someone else would be able to make a purchase with their device if it was ever lost or stolen. That said, only 34 percent locked their devices with a pin or password.

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