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Mobile security threats still making consumers wary of shopping on smartphones

Though m-commerce is still growing at a rapid rate, there are many who are holding off because they feel insecure.

According to a report that was recently issued by a leading global data erasure solutions and mobile device diagnostics firm called Blancco Technology Group, mobile security remains a barrier that is standing in the way of the willingness of many consumers to take part in shopping activities over their smartphones.

The study was based on the results of a survey in which 1,400 mobile users participated from four countries.

The research suggested that the low level of mobile security precautions that have been taken by smartphone users is not only placing their personal info at risk, but it has also made it possible for corporate data exposure. This places both forms of sensitive data at risk of cyber attack and theft. Even though both legislative authorities and consumers, themselves, have been demanding improved responsibility over data management and accountability by companies, 29 percent of the people who participated in the study confessed that they did not know when their personal info was being accessed over their mobile devices without their specific consent.

This suggests that consumers are in the dark about their own mobile security but want companies to look after it.

Mobile Security ProblemsAccording to Blancco Technology Group IT security consultant, Paul Henry, “There is no excuse for not knowing what is happening with your data – be it personal information on a user’s smartphone or tablet, or company files and intellectual property on those same mobile devices.”

The research results also underscore the issue being faced by businesses as they attempt to create products and services in order to enhance the customer experience. At the same time that they want to produce highly personalized and relevant experiences for their shoppers, they are still faced with the challenge of having to keep that customer data secure against the attempts from cyber thieves to capture it.

Among the survey respondents, one in three stated that they felt somewhat confident about their security of their mobile devices, but at the same time, they didn’t feel safe enough to use their smartphones for shopping. Another 23 percent named mobile security as a barrier to linking their credit cards to mobile apps such as shopping applications and digital wallets.

Mobile security investment made by Alibaba

It has been reported that the online marketplace has spent tens of millions on the LBE Security Master app.

The massive Chinese online shopping marketplace, Alibaba, has reportedly send tens of millions of dollars in funds into the LBE Security Master smartphone and tablet antivirus tool in order to be able to make a stronger presence within that industry.

The LBE Security Master is a HIPS Android app that found its beginning as an online discussion.

HIPS stands for host intrusion prevention system. It is an installed type of package of software that monitors a single host through the use of any of a number of different kinds of methods of detection. It can then identify suspicious activity through the analysis of the events that are occurring in that host. This mobile security app got started as a Meizu forum group discussion.

This mobile security app can be used by smartphones to locate problems in real time.

Mobile Security InvestmentLBE Security Master has managed to create an adaptation of a mobile antivirus engine (the AVL) SDK for smartphones so that a monitor is in place for real time spotting of newly discovered spyware, adware, and malware.

The company has a number of different products within its portfolio, including the LBE Security Master, but also privacy space, one click root, and management of authentication. The latest version of the product also includes a privacy management function feature for near field communication (NFC).

Alibaba and this company reportedly have the intention of rolling out the distribution platform, the Taobao Mobile Helper app, so that they will be able to create a mobile payments product which will be developed as the Alipay Wallet. All of the top local internet companies have come up with their own mobile security services that will provide for that sector. For instance, the Baidu Phone Protector was just launched by Baidu for what appears to be a relatively similar purpose. Alibaba looks to be working to keep on top of this trend so that it will be a part of leading the way instead of falling behind and losing its position in very important areas.