Mobile payments gain ground in the US

U.S. Mobile PaymentsLevelUp reports growing interest from consumers concerning mobile payments

Mobile payments are gaining momentum in the U.S. More consumers are becoming attracted to the concept of mobile commerce, especially as new services become available to them. LevelUp, a mobile payments start-up, has been attracting a great deal of attention recently, reporting a major influx of new users coming from both the Android and iOS camps. Rising demand for mobile commerce services has sent many consumers scouring the online world looking for platforms like LevelUp.

LevelUp doubles user base

LevelUp has announced that its user count has doubled over the past four months, growing from 500,000 to 1 million users. The start-up provides mobile payments services based on the use of QR codes. The LevelUP application is capable of scanning these codes to instigate transactions from a mobile device. The start-up also offers a mobile commerce terminal system to merchants that allows them to process payments being made from a mobile device. On its surface, LevelUp appears to be no different from any other mobile payments platform, but it has taken measures to enthrall consumers with its various features.


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Gamifying mobile payments pays off

LevelUp is unlike other mobile payments platforms in that it “gamifies” mobile commerce, effectively turning loyalty programs into interactive experiences. Users are able to unlock loyalty credit with their favored brands through the LevelUp platform. This approach rewards consumers that spend money through their mobile device, further encouraging them to do so in the future. The loyalty credits offered through LevelUp can be redeemed for discounts and other rewards from a consumer’s favored brand.

Interest in mobile commerce expected to continue growing

Mobile payments are becoming more prolific as more consumers get their hands on high-end smartphones and tablets. LevelUp is one example of the promising growth being seen in the mobile commerce sector. The start-up expects to see this growth continue well into the future, as consumers become more comfortable with the concept of paying for goods and services with their mobile devices rather than with physical currency.

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