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Mobile payments set for major growth in the future

Mobile payments are growing more popular

Mobile payments have already been growing in popularity around the world, but with consumers becoming more acclimated to the services that are available to them, mobile payments are set to see accelerated growth in the near future.  Consumers are beginning to see the benefits they could take advantage of through participating in mobile commerce. The convenience that mobile payments represents has, thus far, been one of the most attractive aspects of this new form of commerce and this aspect is likely to continue attracting the interests of consumers for years to come.

Report sheds light on various factors in mobile commerce space

BI Intelligence, a leading market research firm, recently released a report concerning the growth of mobile payments in the U.S. and in Europe. The report shows that mobile payments are becoming more common as smartphone penetration grows around the world. As more consumers get their hands on smartphones, the more likely they are to shop online using their mobile device. Young, affluent consumers have been leading the charge toward mobile commerce for some time, and these consumers in Asian and African markets are expected to be the major source of growth in mobile commerce in those regions of the world.

mobile payments consumersBusinesses growing eager to embrace mobile payments

The report shows that consumers are not alone in their interest in mobile payments. Businesses are beginning to become more accommodating of mobile commerce as smartphones and tablets become the favored shopping platforms for consumers. The report shows that higher transaction volumes through mobile sales will be the primary growth driver of mobile commerce among businesses in the future.

Mobile payments platforms have yet to be a hit with consumers

The report notes that mobile commerce platforms are plentiful, almost annoyingly so for consumers. While there is a multitide of mobile payments services to choose from, none of these have yet become a major hit with consumers. Even PayPal’s mobile commerce platform has yet to appeal to a significant number of consumers.

Mobile payments platform receives $2 million in funding

mobile payments receive fundingZooZ receives more funding to support mobile payments push

ZooZ, a startup focused on mobile payments, has secured more than $2 million in its Series A funding, which closed this week. The funding is considered a major success for ZooZ, which aims to make mobile payments easier to use for consumers as well as more secure. The money garnered through Series A funding is expected to help ZooZ better establish itself in the competitive mobile commerce market. ZooZ will have to provide a significantly valued service in order to beat out the crowds of other startups that are emerging in the mobile commerce field.

More consumers becoming interested in mobile commerce

Mobile payments are becoming more popular as more consumers begin to rely heavily on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are making it easier for consumers to shop online no matter where they are in the world. As mobile payments become more common, consumers are beginning to demand more comprehensive services that allow them to participate in mobile commerce. Security is also a major issue with consumers, many of whom are concerned for the safety of their financial information while making mobile payments.

Funding to help ZooZ establish more momentum

ZooZ will use the funding it has acquired to add new product functionality to its mobile payments platform. The goal is to increase its appeal to retailers and find new partnerships where the platform can be put to use. ZooZ has ambitions to become the most widely used mobile payments platforms among consumers and merchants. If the startup can develop an easy-to-use and secure system, this may well become a reality.

As ZooZ grows, it may become a competitor with other mobile commerce platforms

ZooZ currently covers much of Europe and Asia and is gaining some momentum in the U.S. The startup is currently competing with a multitude of other mobile commerce startups that are seeking to find success in their own markets. As ZooZ becomes more popular, it will begin to butt heads with larger companies, like Google, that are investing heavily in the mobile payments field.