Mobile marketing firm to assist Unilever within Asia

Brandtone, a company from Ireland, has now partnered up with the corporation in south-east Asia.

Mobile Marketing business, Brandtone, has now revealed that it has agreed to work with Unilever in order to assist that company in being able to engage with millions of people residing in south-east Asia.

These two businesses have already worked together and have been successful in their partnership.

They have already managed to run online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns for the Sunlight and Magnum brands owned by Unilever. The most recent deal will have the Irish firm working to bring the consumer product giant’s customers in south-east Asia to a position in which they will interact with each other. To start, it will ensure that these shoppers are – at the very least – accessible to the brand. Among the countries of focus will be Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Brandtone has been responsible for other mobile marketing campaigns for massive companies.

Partnership- Mobile MarketingAmong the best known names that Brandtone has managed in terms of online, offline and mobile advertising include Heineken, Pepsi, Mondelēz (previously the Kraft snacks division), and Kellogg’s. They have worked to bring those brands into the developing world through mobile technology based interactions.


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In south-east Asia, the smartphone penetration rate is as tiny as 20 percent in certain regions. Therefore, Brandtone uses SMS rewards programs in order to provide consumers with incentives. In return for those benefits, customers provide the company with some information about themselves that will then be used in order to create marketing campaigns that are better designed to be relevant to the specific needs and wants of those people.

According to the Brandtone chief executive, Donald Fitzmaurice, “When we announced our expansion into Indonesia almost a year ago, even we could not have predicted the scale of demand from brands for mobile-first data-led marketing strategies, nor how receptive consumers themselves would be.”

He explained that this part of the world has reached a mobile marketing tipping point and that he felt that this was the ideal time for Brandtone’s clients to be able to use the “power of mobile and big data” in order to reach those consumers in a highly effective way.

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