Mobile marketing startup becomes Oracle’s latest acquisition

Maxymiser is to be purchased in order to take in its service that gives greater personalization abilities to marketers.

Oracle Corp. will now be adding the Maxymiser Ltd. mobile marketing services company to its latest acquisitions, making it possible to take in the service which gives marketers the ability to target customers and personalize what they see whether they are viewing it on the mobile web or in an app.

The startup is known for its powerful cloud-based software that has been designed to enhance mobile advertising and promotion.

As of the writing of this article, the specific terms of the acquisition of the mobile marketing services company have not yet been disclosed. What is known about it is that Maxymiser was originally created back in 2006. It managed to successfully raise investor capital through a number of powerful sources, such as Scottish Enterprises, Pentech Ventures, and Investor Growth Capital. This, according to the records at Dow Jones VentureWire.

Oracle will soon own the service that lets mobile marketing firms test, target, and personalize what is seen by customers.

Mobile Marketing - Oracle acquires MaxymiserThe service is unique in that it can give marketers the ability to carefully and accurately target the content that is seen by a customer when visiting a webpage on the mobile web, or when using a smartphone app. In this way, that content can be carefully designed in order to be the most appealing and relevant to the specific individual who will actually be viewing it. According to Oracle, this mobile technology is going to be added to its Oracle Marketing Cloud.

From among the original three founders of Maxymiser that had been with the company when it was created in 2006, only one remains. That man, Mark Simpson, will be joining Oracle, say the initial reports of the acquisition. That said, he won’t be the only one from Maxymiser that will be sticking around. The CEO of the company, Tim Brown, as well as about 400 of its employees will also be joining the Oracle team.

A statement from the official Oracle website has explained that the cloud-based mobile marketing software can be highly effective in boosting both engagement and revenue from a campaign.

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