How to Find the Best Music Streaming App for You

Do you constantly find yourself not being able to make a decision because of too many choices?

This dilemma is actually preferable than having no choice at all. But this is still a clear example of paralysis by analysis. And this happens frequently to music lovers trying to find the best music streaming app—there are just too many choices out there.

Where to begin?

To answer the question of how to find the best media streaming app, you have to look at the range of choices. Of course, we know you’re the busy sort. So we’re doing it for you. Right down below, we will discuss, in some detail, some criteria in choosing which music streaming app works for you.

Consider These

  • For Free or For a FeeMusic Streaming apps

This all depends on the kind of budget you have (and whether you’re a spendthrift or cheap). There are apps that are free to download but need you to pay a subscription for you to start listening. There are also free apps that deliver free content. A good example is Pandora (

We’re not advocating one over the other. Both types of apps have their pros and cons. The subscription apps offer more features and no ads. It’s perfect for those who have complicated musical requirements and for those who are impatient. Otherwise, the free apps with ads (and other such annoyances) are par for course.

  • Customization and Personalization Features

Music streaming apps vary in the degree in which the user can customize and personalize both the content and functionality. All the big players offer their users and subscribers with a degree of control to choose and customize what music they want played and when they want it played. As a result, users can create their own playlists and music stations.

Again, each app offers varying degrees of customization features. It’s up to the user to determine which works best for him. As an example, Grooveshark lets you pick and choose the music you want free. This lets you customize your playlist to your heart’s content. In other music streaming apps (like Spotify), this feature is for a fee.

  • Sharing Capabilities

Not all apps allow users to share their playlist to other users. Before you decide on downloading an app, you can check whether they have sharing capabilities. The music streaming experience is made more dynamic when one can share playlists and can access other user’s playlists.

Through these sharing capabilities, the music streaming app takes on a social media component. People start connecting with each other through music when sharing is allowed in the app you chose.

  • Content

An app’s breadth of choices is another criterion one looks for in finding the best music streaming app. A majority of the apps have most of the mainstream fare on offer. But there are a few out there who feature underground acts who have yet to hit mainstream recognition. If you’re the type to listen to the offbeat and obscure, then look for apps like SoundCloud.

Some apps go the extra mile and offer World Music choices to appeal to a broader audience. And some make it even easier for users by categorizing music into genre, artist, record label, etc.·

  • Geographic Availability

Be sure to check whether the streaming service is available in your area or country. Some apps, like MOG, are only available in the US. Most apps offer their streaming service to Europe, South America, Oceania and some parts of Asia (aside from the US).

If you’re living outside the US, it’s important to consider the availability of the app’s services in the area where you live. But with the way technology progresses, these apps will no doubt serve all parts of the globe in the near future.

You don’t have to experience paralysis by analysis if you know how to go about making the right choice. Sure, there are probably hundreds of music streaming apps by now. But you can easily weed out the mediocre ones from the truly good ones. Again, to each his own. There’s no “best” app because one’s preferences should always be considered.

Author Bio:

Jimmy R. loves listening to music so much that he can’t help write about it. He is an advocate of music streaming apps, especially the free ones. 

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