Apple works to boost its mobile marketing with sale of automated iAds

“Programmatic” ad purchases are being accepted by the tech company and its partners.

Apple and a slew of partner companies have now made the official announcement that the iAd network has begun accepting “programmatic” mobile marketing ad purchases, in a move that has thrown Apple in direct competition with a range of other smartphone and tablet based advertising services.

The initial intention of Apple to begin its automated iAds program had been leaked a few days ahead of the official launch.

This leak occurred when Rubicon Project, one of the Apple partners, accidentally made an early publication of its press release. However, the official announcement of the iAds mobile marketing advertising came at the end of last week, on Friday, with the official debut of its new automated system. There are a number of other partner companies other than Rubicon Project. They include MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and AdRoll tech companies.

This mobile marketing system will involve the integration of a number of platforms with iAd Workbench tools.

Apple - Mobile MarketingThe tools make it possible to reach consumers in a targeted, cross-device mobile advertising campaign. The focus is specifically for iPhone and iPad users, which are known to be the shoppers that make the largest purchases online over their devices.

This represents a considerable change in the mobile advertising inventory from Apple. It makes it possible for iAds to be purchased and sold within an open marketplace, which will simplify the process for marketers to be able to purchase audiences. Through the use of programmatic buying, it becomes possible for marketers to be able to use auctions to bid on the placements of their ads. This process has already shown to be popular over other ad networks.

When AdRoll made its announcement as a partner in iAds, it explained that customers will be capable of conducting their campaigns by way of “Apple’s proprietary, privacy minded consumer data sets gleaned through iTunes.” Advertisers will have the tools that they need to build a campaign, to update it, to obtain analytics, and to manage bids throughout iAd by way of the partner third party platforms.

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