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iOS 9 could save battery life but at the expense of performance

The struggles with demands for more time for every charge is forcing owners to have to make a choice.

The latest generations of the iPhone have been including an ever larger number of fancy features and capabilities, beyond the reach of the battery life to keep up in a way that consumers find to be ideal.

Now the iOS 9 could give iPhone users the choice to sacrifice some performance for a longer lasting device.

The idea behind the new Low Power mode in the iOS 9 upgrade is that battery life can be saved while using the features of the device, instead of having to stick to Airplane Mode or scramble to plug the device into a wall outlet. The drawback is that in exchange for the added juice, it compromises some of the device performance. These may not involve hugely important parts of performance, but it means that things will run more slowly and the picture won’t be at its top level.

That said, the changes will allow a user to keep their battery life going for up to 3 more hours.

Battery Life - iOS 9This is the first time that Apple has made a move like this. The Low Power mode will shut down the background activity and decrease the performance to help to squeeze up to three more hours out of the smartphone battery.

According to a number of leading tech rumor sites, such as Geekbench 3 and MacRumors when running the beta of iOS 9 on the iPhone 6 Plus, the single core processor test score was 1606 and the multicore test received 2897. That said, when running Low Power mode, the figures reduced by about 40 percent, bringing them to 1019 and 1751, respectively. The notes that were taken seemed to imply that it brings the speed of the device back to the days of the iPhone 5S, but that when it is between using your mobile device at a reduced speed or not using it at all, it is an easy choice.

Overall, it is more than likely that the up to three hours will be helpful, but that portable phone chargers will continue to be the key to the kind of battery life that iPhone users want. After all, the reason that many people purchased those devices, in the first place, is for their performance!

External battery for iPhone and other Apple devices is now a virtual necessity

The broad range of gadgets from the manufacturer has ensured a never ending need for more power.

The release of the Apple Watch on Friday was only the latest edition to the family of gadgets being sold by that technology giant, and the more of them people own, the greater the need for an external battery for iPhone, iPad, iPod the Watch, and even the MacBook.

These devices have considerable battery life, but that depends on the user’s ability to remember to charge.

When it was just about the smartphone, itself , an external battery for iPhone is useful and it can help a user through some tight situations if the usage of the phone was very high or if they forgot to plug the device in overnight (or during a power failure, for that matter). However, with all of the additional gadgets combined, portable cell phone chargers aren’t just for smartphones, anymore. They are needed for all of the various screens that we use in our day to day lives, which, to an increasing extent, will be including smartwatches, too.

This means that having an external battery for iPhone, tablet, smartwatch, and laptop charging can be a lifesaver.

iphone 6 plus - external battery for iphoneAs our dependence on these devices grow, and as we use a growing number of them on a steady basis, portable cell phone chargers are becoming as commonplace as the smartphones, themselves. This is because we use these gadgets to such an extent that it becomes virtually impossible to have to wait a half hour, an hour, or more, to have the opportunity to plug into a wall socket for the length of time that it takes to recharge.

With an iPhone external battery pack, it means that the device can be charged as though it were plugged into a wall, but it can be done while on the go. This means that a smartphone, smartwatch, or other gadget can be plugged in while in your pocket, in your purse or bag, or even in your hand, and can rebuild its power.

It is also important to make sure that the external battery for iPhone and device charging that is selected is large enough to actually provide all the juice that is needed to keep those gadgets going. Those little lipstick-shaped chargers may be great for an MP3 player emergency, but when it comes to the rest of your i-devices, look for good quality 10000mah portable cell phone chargers to know you’ll always have all the power you need.