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New augmented reality app from Rimmel lets user’s “try on any look live”

Rimmel London’s Get the Look beauty app is bound to be a hit with makeup lovers.

The augmented reality app designed for mobile allows users to “steal” a makeup look from friends and even celebrities in magazines. Dubbed the “Shazam of beauty”, Rimmel’s newly launched 3D augmented reality (AR) application uses technology that enables consumers to digitally try out makeup styles. The AR tech identifies makeup on images and people, letting consumers match this makeup with Rimmel products that can be purchased online or in stores.

Mirror technology allows app users to virtually try on Rimmel makeup before buying.

The new app called Get the Look is based on Rimmel’s Get the Look Technology. It also uses the patent-pending FACE technology created by Holition. The AR tool utilizes advanced real-time tracking to detect makeup on the scanned subject. It can detect everything, including mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip liner, foundation, blusher and bronzer. It also identifies skin textures and face shapes. If the app is used to scan makeup from one of the company’s competitors, the technology will automatically pair the consumer with similar Rimmel products.

The face-tracking technology within the app also tracks the movements of users. They can smile, turn and talk and the virtual makeup remains in place just as if they were looking in a real mirror.

The augmented reality app also lets users customize different colors and shades in real-time.

Users can easily capture looks from the street with their smartphones. They can then replicate the look on themselves via the app using Rimmel products. This interactive experience helps consumers to mix and match and find the look that they want.

“Make-up consumption has increased, and one of the main drivers of the market’s growth is that women have access to tutorials,” said Montse Passolas, Vice President of global marketing at Rimmel and Manhatten. “You used to need a make-up artist to know how to do contouring, and now you don’t, you go online, it’s so accessible,” added Passolas.

Rimmel’s augmented reality app provides a similar makeup artist experience. The cosmetic brand’s Get the Look app lets users still try on makeup before buying it online. The app is currently available for both iOS and Android and is free to download.

Augmented reality game console from Disney confirmed through patent application

augmented reality DisneyThough there have been only unconfirmed rumors until now, the filing has provided confirmation.

It has just been observed that Disney has made a filing for a patent for a form of augmented reality technology that is meant for a 3D game console, which has now provided the confirmation that has been awaited by many following the initial rumor of its development.

The initial announcement of the game console’s creation had been a slip that was released accidentally.

The company has not made any move to deny the mobile video game console project, but if it had any intention to start, its opportunity has now been quashed with the application for an augmented reality technology patent. The documentation discusses precisely that form of device, including initial sketches and descriptions. The machine that is discussed in the patent application indicates a device that can be compared to the already released Nintendo 3DS.

There are certain differences between the devices, however, such as the application of augmented reality.

This will allow the portable console to be aimed at a certain real scene, capture it, and then apply augmented reality elements to it to provide enhancements and animations. What is therefore suggested, is that it would allow a real image to be taken by the player, who would then be able to watch it come to life through animation, for example.

There was a sketch provided within the patent application that suggested that the appearance of the augmented reality mobile game console would be strikingly similar to the Nintendo 3DS. It showed the dual screens as well as the flip open design for which the existing console is already recognized. At the time of this release, Nintendo had yet to make any comments regarding their opinion of the similarities between the two devices.

That said, the company may abstain from commenting simply because Disney may not have any intention of having their augmented reality game device appear in any way similar to that of Nintendo. The documentation included only a preliminary sketch, and it is more than likely that its final appearance will be considerably different from these first drawings.