Augmented reality makes a splash in China with digitally enhanced nail art

This new form of wearable technology comes in the form of artificial fingernails with digital animations.

An Australia based wearable technology company called Metaverse has now brought its unique augmented reality artificial nails to China, where it is allowing girls to be able to use adhesive artificial fingernails to not only make it look as though they have perfect painted nails, but also to be able to enhance their fashion statement through their smartphone screens.

AR technology makes it possible to add a digital flair to these wearables with holograms and backgrounds.

The augmented reality nails are easy to use. They are applied to the nail just like any other artificial nail, and then they are viewed through a smartphone screen through the use of the Metaverse app. These wearables were first unveiled at the Creative 3 conference at Queensland University of Technology. The founder of the company, Thea Baumann showed off the products while discussing the intentions of the company to use a recent $750,000 investment in order to bring the fashion tech to China.

Metaverse plans to use the augmented reality product as a part of a larger 3D social network project.

Within this 3D social network, it will be possible for users to be able to share their three dimensional animations with their friends simply by aiming their smartphones at their artificial nails. The point is to encourage nail bar customers to be able to use the mobile app while they wait for their nails to be done. The app store at Metaverse offers a range of different hologram options from which consumers will be able to choose.

That same store also sells the brand’s soon-to-launch smart clothing, custom digital designs, gaming designs, and accessories. As the AR technology is accessed through smartphones that users already own, there is no need to have to add any additional electronics into the wearables. Instead, the images are viewed through the app and the mobile device screen.

Baumann explained that “We act as a counter-voice to what is perceived as wearable technology,” adding that “We don’t see ourselves as sitting in that quantified space. We’re embedding wearable technology in the growing nail industry and adding value to what is already a vibrant nail and beauty sector.” This allows the augmented reality to provide a seamless transition between the two areas.

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