Mobile Commerce campaign launched by UNICEF

mobile commerce unicef charityThe massive international children’s charity is now appealing to smartphone and tablet consumers.

UNICEF UK has just launched their new mobile commerce marketing campaign, which is entitled “Speak Up for Children”, in order to draw participation from consumers who have smartphones and tablets.

The campaign was created by the charity in order to draw more interaction and participation.

The mobile commerce marketing campaign for UNICEF UK was created by Ogilvy & Mather. According to a recent study by Millward Brown, this campaign has already effectively boosted the brand awareness as well as the support that has been received by the charity. This study indicated a number of overall improvements that were achieved by reaching out to consumers using their mobile devices.

This mobile commerce campaign is only the latest charity marketing effort that has been greatly successful.

Other charities around the world are finding that using mobile commerce techniques such as apps, QR codes, optimized websites, and other forms of marketing, are generating a considerable amount of interest from everyday individuals.

The Millward Brown study’s results indicated that UNICEF saw a 5.1 percent increase in association between the charity and the improvement of the lives of children around the world. Moreover, it also recorded a 5.5 percent rise in the favorable feelings that consumers had toward the organization.


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Beyond that, the research showed that there was a 4.3 percent increase in the consumer’s intention to make a donation, as well as a massive 15.5 percent growth in the perception that the organization has an unending commitment to its cause, even though that wasn’t necessarily an element of the campaign.

The female respondents to the research provided a more emotional connection to the organization alongside their enhanced awareness , association between UNICEF and improving the lives of children, and overall favorability. On the other hand, male respondents showed a considerably higher intention to make a donation to the charity.

According to commercial director Paps Shaikh, from Say Media UK, which was responsible for optimizing the campaign for mobile commerce, “Mobilizing an audience of this size used to be the remit of the traditional media.”

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