Wearable technology from HTC delayed as the company gets a Grip

The tech company has moved the release of its wearables back as it rethinks the device after consumer testing.

HTC has announced that it will be delaying the release of its Grip wearable technology following the results of its consumer testing, as it is considering making alterations to the device so that it will serve a new purpose.

The company has decided that instead of rushing to market, it would rather ensure that consumers get what they want.

The fitness band from HTC called the HTC Grip was supposed to become available later in 2015. However, it now looks as though the wearable technology from that company won’t be released until next spring. The company explained that “After extensive wear testing and user feedback, we have decided to align Grip with the entire product portfolio for health and fitness launching later this year.”

The wearable technology may be redesigned so that it will more seamlessly fit into a broader project from the company.

Wearable Technology - HTCThe statement from HTC went on to say that “This will be a state-of-the-art comprehensive portfolio of products for this category powered by Under Armour Record.” Aside from that, though, no further details were provided by the company and anything above and beyond that point has been called speculation. There were no more answers given with regards to why the device was delayed or what changes would be made to those wearables between now and the release in the spring.


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That said, reports about the company’s moves abound and it is clear to the tech industry that HTC is using this time to redirect its wearable tech intentions. This is not the first time that the company has changed directions when it comes to the design or release of its devices. Back in March, for example, it made another large turn when it broke out into other segments of the consumer electronics industry in response to a less-than powerful interest in its smartphones.

At the moment, the wearable technology in question, the Grip, is a touch display fitness band that is waterproof and that is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It also has GPS built into it.

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